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Private schools in Dubai share expertise

DUBAI // The emirate’s private schools are getting together to share their expertise and help raise standards.

Educators from 58 schools in Dubai have taken part in the Knowledge and Human Development Authority-led Abundance Group project to promote good practice.

“Research shows that what works best to improve teaching and learning across a whole education sector is collaboration between schools and teachers,” said Abdulla Al Karam, director general of the authority.

A group of British curriculum schools made up of Jumeirah English Speaking School, Dubai English Speaking College, Dubai College and Jebel Ali School, have hosted workshops for more than 200 teachers from 23 schools.

These looked at self-evaluation, as well as teaching and learning and more workshops planned during the year.

“The Abundance Group helps everyone involved,” said Mark Steed, director of Jumeirah English. “It’s been hugely beneficial for the British not-for-profit schools to share best practice with each other as part of the planning process for the abundance workshop sessions.”

Neena Ravindra, head of Middle School at Arab Unity School and a participant in the workshops, believed they were a smart way to share knowledge and skills among schools in Dubai.

“The most significant lesson my school has learned is of the need to have a clear and united vision of what we are working towards, and to do that collaboratively across all levels,” she said.

The groups are also providing a platform for for new learning opportunities to students.

“The Abundance Group has created opportunities for the whole education community to collaborate on many fronts,” said Nargish Khambatta, principal of Gems Modern Academy.

“We’ve found this to be a very humbling experience, which has given us renewed respect and greater understanding of each other.”

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