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Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Feature Could Be Used For Making Mobile Payments

As the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming closer, rumors, speculations and leaks, pertaining to the device are gathering momentum.

Based on the rumored speculations, Samsung is expected to beef up the device with biometric security options, including facial recognition as well as fingerprint and iris scanners. All three features are reflective of Samsung’s goal to make the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ secure devices.

Samsung will be looking to regain lost ground after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, pinning its hopes on the success of both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

The rumored facial recogntion feature on the smartphones will add value to the handsets. Now, a report from Bloomberg reveals that the facial recognition feature may also be used for making payments.

Facial Recognition Supporting Mobile Payments

The facial recognition feature for making mobile payments is expected to be included in the device right after its release.

This feature will give a strong edge to Samsung over its arch rival Apple, per the publication’s sources who are familiar with the matter. Based on the rumors, the company has already started talking with banks, for the successful inclusion of the facial recognition option, so that consumers can make payments via the feature.

The Galaxy S8 will possibly become the first smartphone to use this feature to make payments if the rumors bear fruition. With the increased importance of mobile security among customers, options like an iris scanner as well as facial recognition are an excellent combination of features.

Bloomberg also revealed that Samsung is bringing in these security features together as they complement each other. One can rely on the iris scanner to unlock their phone even in the absence of proper light to start the facial recognition system per reports.

However, the facial recognition feature has to be both smart and robust at the same time. It has to be smart enough to not get bluffed by a photograph, instead of a real face.

Other Expected Features And Rumors

Samsung is trying its level best to ensure that its flagship Galaxy S8 stands out from the rest of the competitors such as Apple, HTC and LG to name few.

The device is speculated to feature a, 5.8-inch 3D touch display screen combined with “Desktop Mode.” This mode will reportedly allow the user to connect their device to a computer monitor, and use it as a desktop instead.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to be released on April 28, per tipster Evan Blass, instead of April 21. With the Samsung event slated for March 29, one will soon know what surprises it has in store.

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