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China’s Silicon Valley to host third Dubai Week event – Politics & Economics

The third Dubai Week in China, an event to promote and catalyse economic development and cultural exchange, will take place in Shenzhen, located in Southern China, later this year.

The announcement was made by Falcon and Associates, a strategic advisory company that works for the Dubai leadership and initiated Dubai Week in China.   

Following the success of Dubai Week in China in Beijing (2015) and Shanghai (2016), which resulted in 11 agreements being signed between Chinese and Dubai entities across the public and private sectors, the next edition will celebrate the emirate’s thriving relationship with China and foster new connections for future growth with Shenzhen, a statement said.

The event is held in partnership with the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC).

Hongbin Cong, vice chairman of International Relations at Falcon and Associates, said: “Dubai Week in China has proven to be a great platform for furthering Sino-Dubai relations by bringing together a range of influential decision makers from both sides.

“As we continue our journey of connecting the emirate with some of China’s most dynamic cities, Shenzhen is a natural next step. Considered to be China’s Silicon Valley, it is a city that not only shares a similar development story to Dubai but has common goals for the future in innovation and technology.”

To further enhance the promotion of cultural exchange and economic development between China and Dubai, Falcon and Associates said it has established a representative office in Beijing.

Yongjun Ji, deputy director-general of the Department of American and Oceanian Affairs at CPAFFC, added: “With the continued implementation of China’s Belt and Road initiative, Dubai plays a significant role as one of the most important commercial hubs in the Middle East and North Africa region.

“Through its geographical advantage, Dubai can provide support in finance, employment, transport and other aspects for the development of the strategy, making the city an ideal partner for China.”

In 1980, Shenzhen became the first special economic zone in China. Since then, it has risen to become the country’s technology epicentre, giving birth to international tech giants, including Huawei and Tencent, one of the country’s largest social media companies.

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