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Tesla Recalls 53,000 Model X And Model S Over Potential Parking Brake Defect : TECH : Tech Times

Carmaker Tesla is issuing a recall for its Model X and Model S vehicles because of a possible manufacturing defect with the parking brake.

The voluntary recall from Tesla impacts Model X and Model S cars made from February 2016 to October 2016.

“Tesla recently discovered a potential manufacturing issue with the electric parking brakes installed on certain Model S and Model X vehicles that could prevent the parking brake from releasing,” noted the company.

Tesla stressed that the recall is only because it is exercising caution. The company stated that it will replace the faulty parts to make sure owners do not encounter any difficulties.

What Is The Electric Parking Brake Issue?

Tesla shared that some models of the two EVs may experience a faulty internal gear, which leads to it getting stuck when in the “on” position. The electric parking brakes contain a tiny gear, which Tesla’s third-party supplier may have produced incorrectly.

The carmaker’s primary supplier of parking brakes is Italy-based Brembo. Tesla, however, did not detail which supplier was responsible for this oversight.

How Was The Problem Discovered?

The issue came to the fore when Tesla discovered that some Model X and Model S owners received notifications that the parking brake of their vehicle required servicing. Some owners were greeted with the alert that the brake was not getting disengaged.

What Happens If The Gear Breaks?

If the gear broke, the parking brake would get stuck. However, the parking brake would ensure that the car does not continue to move.

Tesla asserted that the company has not received any reports of the parking brake system being unable to halt a vehicle during an emergency because of the problem. The Elon Musk-owned company claimed that only a small fraction of gears in the Model X and Model S built from February to October 2016 were manufactured incorrectly.

The carmaker also noted that a small percentage of the affected vehicles will exhibit the problem. Moreover, even if they do, this will not compromise the safety of the passengers or the driver.

How Many Vehicles Are Impacted?

Tesla did not divulge the exact number of Model X and Model S vehicles impacted. The global recall roughly covers a 10-month period and affects 53,000 vehicles. However, Tesla asserts that less than 5 percent cars sold are likely grappling with the issue.

The reason why Tesla has issued a recall is to play safe since it is difficult to ascertain, which gears are impacted.

What Is Tesla Doing About The Problem?

Tesla shared that it will alert Model X and Model S vehicles customers regarding the latest recall. The company would email them an “official recall notice.” This would contain details on how a customer can get the parking brake replaced. The carmaker shared that it takes under 45 minutes to replace the brakes.

“We are able to begin replacing parts immediately and will have sufficient parts for all affected vehicles by October 2017,” noted the company.

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