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Collect loyalty reward points for your dog – Travel & Hospitality

The oldest and largest pet hotel in Bahrain is now the first kennel to allow points to be collected with its pet loyalty programme.

Sear Kennels has created a way to attract a more elite clientele to its doors. It has developed the first and only Pet Loyalty Program of its kind in the GCC.

The first batch of customers at the Sear Kennels Pet Hotel and Spa have received their PremierPet loyalty cards.

The PremierPet Loyalty Program consists of customers collecting points every time they use the kennels services or purchase products. Collected points may be then redeemed against future purchases of products and services.

Suhaila Hammouda, the General Manager of the Kennel said: “We wanted to reward loyal customers for their business, and to make sure they are able to benefit from such loyalty and patronage”.

With its distinctive pet rooms which are climate controlled, fitted with soothing music, and equipped with CCTV monitoring as well as fire and safety systems, it sure has served its customers an eccentric experience.

Now with its brand new Pet Loyalty Program, Sear Kennels Pet Hotel offers a one of a kind service that will provide an incentive towards its customer base to always keep coming back. A rewarded customer base is a loyal one.

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