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Man stole Dh500,000 in jewellery from grandmother, Dubai court hears

DUBAI // A 23-year-old man stole more than Dh500,000 worth of jewellery from his grandmother, a court was told.

“You stole from your own grandmother?” Dubai Criminal Court judge Erfan Atteyah asked the 23-year-old Emirait, who confessed to a theft charge and apologised for his actions.

“A mistake, your honour. I have never done it before nor will I do it ever again,” said the defendant.

The incident happened between March 25 and April 3 this year at the elderly woman’s home in Al Barsha.

“My mother came back from travelling and found the window in her bedroom was wide open. I asked her to check her belongings. Then she found that Dh560,000 worth of jewellery was missing as well as Dh40,000 in cash,” said the defendant’s uncle.

The 37-year-old said two safes in his mother’s room had been forced open so he called police.

A Yemeni salesman in a jewellery shop in Al Barsha Mall said, on March 27 this year, the defendant visited his shop to sell jewellery.

“I asked him where he got it from. He claimed he bought it from a shop in Al Ain for his camel in case the camel won a race and when his camel came fourth he decided to sell the jewellery,” said the salesman.

Police arrested the defendant on April 4.

“When we questioned him, he admitted immediately and said he stole the items on two occasions,” said an officer.

The court was told the defendant’s grandmother had dropped charges against her grandson.

“Here is an official waiver your honour,” said the uncle.

A verdict will be issued by May 25.

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