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RTA’s Customers Council engages in direct discussion with public via twitter

05 May 2017

Roads & Transport Authority – Nashwan Atta’ee:

RTA’s Customers Council has opened a direct discussion with the public via Twitter under the theme (Chat with RTA). The session saw huge interaction of people from all occupations and nationalities. Over two hours tweeters rolled out suggestions, observations and ideas about various services offered by the RTA in the field of taxis; which was the focal point of the discussion.

The attendees were Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, RTA Board Member & Chair of Customers Council, Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of Licensing Agency cum Head of RTA’s Innovation Team, Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Public Transport Agency, and Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation. Attendees also included members of RTA’s innovation team as well as scores of directors, managers and staffs in RTA.

Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, RTA Board Member & Chair of Customers Council, hailed the great interaction and participation of the public during the session. He praised the keenness of tweeters on improving & supporting RTA’s initiatives and services launched for bringing happiness to the people including residents, visitors and tourists descending on the Emirate from all over the world.


“RTA is always keen on the happiness of clients and service recipients and spares no effort in raising their satisfaction. RTA, therefore, heeds to their views and aspirations about mobility through public transport means in Dubai, especially taxis. The objective of RTA is to make the taxi riding in Dubai an enjoyable experience characterized by comfort and safety on board advanced and punctual cabs,” said Al Mulla.

“Chat with RTA’ initiative, which is celebrating its third round, is the first of its kind amongst government offices in Dubai. This unique experience engages the Customers Council in direct discussions with the public and service beneficiaries through instant & effective communication via Twitter. Twitter is considered one of the additional channels for dealing with the public in screening their views, suggestions and responding to their inquiries in a quick and transparent manner.

“Over two hours, the Customers Council has engaged in 80 tweets focused on the taxi sector and all related services such payment through NOL, debit and credit cards.

“RTA will continue holding customer council sessions via Twitter in a timetable to be announced through RTA’s Twitter account in view of the success of this experience for the third time considering the massive public participation from various nationalities and community members. Participants hailed the unique and the transparent attitude shown by the Council in addressing all inquiries made during the session. Topics related to certain services will be presented for discussion via Twitter as adopted in the ordinary sessions of the Customers Council.

“RTA is always keen on interacting via the Customers Council and other communication channels to ensure quick handling of suggestions, ideas, comments and complaints of public transport users and beneficiaries of RTA services. The move is prompted by the standing of RTA within social communities in Dubai and other Emirates as a pioneering service entity in the UAE,” commented Al Mulla.

The Council is keen on utilizing the display monitors installed at the back of the driver’s seat to assess the journey and the driver. It is also considering the deployment of more surveillance cameras on board taxis and limos to step the security and safety of service users as well as drivers, besides quickly locating the lost items of riders.

It will also continue holding specialist-training courses to offer further exposure to the laws of the UAE, avoid fines and train drivers on GPS apps such as Makani and others.

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