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What makes Dubai the ‘City of the Future’? – Technology

Dubai has been dubbed the City of the Future by Popular Science magazine, one of the world’s oldest science and technology journals.

In a feature published in its May-June 2017 issue, the magazine highlights the UAE’s thriving future industry – particularly in Dubai. 

It lauds the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, that materialised in the creation of the Government of the Future. 

The publication said the UAE is no longer a country that anticipates the future, but one “where future is shaped through relentless efforts to adopt impending trends and technologies in government work”.

It added that the UAE is rapidly becoming an exporter of science, technology, expertise, and talent to the world.  

The magazine called Dubai “the City of the Future” and The UAE “the Country of the Future” and “a regional and global pioneer”, highlighting the vast pool of global talents that are leaving numerous opportunities in Europe and the US and looking to the UAE to achieve their dreams.

The article details the efforts of the UAE, and Dubai in particular, to transform into an open laboratory for testing and implementing the technologies of the future. 

The magazine cited examples, including Dubai Electricity and Water Authority launching projects to harness solar power and the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) efforts to advance the transit sector in Dubai, using drones and other smart transportation technologies.

Popular Science went on to hail the Hope spacecraft that the UAE will launch in July 2020 on a seven-month journey to Mars.

In February, Sheikh Mohammed announced the Mars 2117 project which aims to build a city on the Red Planet within 100 years.

He said the UAE was currently among the world’s top nine investors in space science.

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