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The client dinner: Sass Cafe

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The original Sass was founded in 1993, by father and son team Sassa & Samy Sass. The original location in Monaco combined upscale atmosphere with the cosy décor of a family-friendly café. Catering to a jet-setter crowd, it seems only right that it’s international expansion start in Dubai’s glitzy financial centre.

Despite the name, Sass is by no means a café. Instead, it is more akin to a supper club. It’s low-lighting, red accents and black velvet upholstery are flashy, to say the least, as are the chandeliers hanging from the large, open ceiling.

The piano takes care of entertainment while the food arrives, but as it’s cleared away, piano music gives way to Sass’ resident DJ. For those looking simply for a quiet dinner, staying post-11 o’clock might be a tad too lively (but it’s perfect if you’re celebrating a big win).

Food is Mediterranean, complete with all the elements you’d expect from this price point: truffle and caviar feature heavily throughout the menu. Burrata – which is quickly becoming the starter Dubai’s du jour – is creamy and delicious, as is the beef carpaccio.

Mains include a mix of pasta, fish and meat dishes. While none of the dishes are over-imaginative – all the fine-dining staples are present – each is executed well, and up to fine dining standards. And clients used to the finer things in life certainly won’t be disappointed.





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