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The Countries Where "Made In America" Really Matters

With President Trump’s America First agenda, we thought it would be useful to understand which other nations value America highly.

As Statista’s Martin Armstrong details, the Made-In-Country-Index (MICI) 2017 has shed light on the reputation of products produced in 49 countries (plus the EU) worldwide. In the overall ranking, the U.S. placed in a ‘could do better’ joint 8th with France and Japan.

The infographic below takes a look at the countries in which ‘Made in USA’ is determined to have the best reputation of all of the surveyed labels.

Infographic: Where 'Made in USA' Has the Best Reputation | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

In total there are eight countries full of respect for U.S. made goods, including Brazil, Argentina, India, and of course the United States itself. For perspective, the top rated label is ‘Made in Germany’ which finds itself the most popular in thirteen countries.

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