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The deleted tweet that accidentally rocked an NBA franchise

Magic coach Frank Vogel was left with some explaining to do.
Magic coach Frank Vogel was left with some explaining to do.

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The tweet has been deleted, but this is the internet, where nothing really disappears. 

One NBA franchise is still picking up the pieces. 

Patricio Garino is an Argentine basketball pro who signed a contract with the Orlando Magic on Monday. His agent was stoked — and so tweeted out a photo of Garino signing his paperwork. 

That’s normal enough, but the tweet accidentally revealed what appears to be the Orlando’s inner machinations heading into the off-season. Now they have a potential problem with one of their most promising young stars. 

Here’s the photo of Garino tweeted out by Carlos Prunes — the tweet has since been deleted for good reason, but the image lives on. 

Image: Twitter, @CP_PRUNES

Forget Garino for a second. On the whiteboard behind him are lists of names of NBA players — standard procedure as teams think about who to release, sign or trade come summer. But these things are typically kept secret from the public and even players — they’re typically for executive eyes only. 

Internet sleuths noticed one particularly glaring entry on the list, which a Reddit user even typed up for easier reading.  

Toward the bottom of the far left column behind Garino is a line reading: “Saric (For AG?)”

*Record scratch*

Oops. Um … 

Aaron Gordon is seen as a potential future star.

Aaron Gordon is seen as a potential future star.

Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock

The “Saric” referenced here is Dario Saric, a rookie forward for the Philadelphia 76ers. The “AG” can only be Aaron Gordon, a third-year Magic forward. He’s one of the team’s best young players — you probably recognize him from his dunk contest exploits

TL;DR: Garino’s agent accidentally divulged that the Magic are apparently considering an attempt to trade Gordon for Saric this summer. With Gordon supposedly a building block for the Magic’s future and the current season still under way, that is an extremely awkward accidental leak. 

Gordon and coach Frank Vogel reportedly had a meeting to clear the air on Tuesday. 

“Typically, with rumors and stuff like that, we don’t really address them,” Vogel told the Orlando Sentinel. “But this is a unique situation, and I talked to him a little bit this morning, and everybody’s good. We’re ready to move on.”

Uh-huh. Gordon, meanwhile, took a philosophical approach to the situation. 

“It wasn’t for me to see, so for me to see something like that, it brings something that’s out of my control into my reality,” he told the Sentinel. “But that’s neither here nor there. My plan and my focus is to play basketball and to enjoy the game of basketball. Anything other than that is out of my control. I love this organization and I’m going to continue to work hard and play.”

Just further proof that you never know what kind of trouble Twitter will get you in. 

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