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The Integrated Transport Center (ITC) Installs 30 Variable Message Signs (VMS)

01 February 2017

Abu Dhabi – The Integrated Transport Center (ITC) in Abu Dhabi announced that it has installed 30 Variable Message Signs (VMS) out of 41. The project that cost AED 70 million includes the installation of other field boards and devices, central control system and will cover operations and maintenance for 3 years.

Eng. Salah Al Marzouqi, Integrated Intelligent Transport Systems Division (IITS) Director, said that the installation of VMS comes in part of the ITC’s strategy to integrate the various transport systems. Consequently, fulfilling the road safety and transport qualifications demands. He added, “The center is working on the adherence of road safety and improving the transport network using latest technologies and global systems in which will lead to a smart and sustainable transport system.”

According to Al Marzouqi, the project includes the installation of VMS and other devices (sensors, cameras and road weather stations) in Abu Dhabi and its main roads. The VMS’ locations were selected carefully based on studies conducted using international standards to maximize their benefits. For example, locations selected were the ones with frequent accidents, locations with alternative roads and on the spots before road exits. The VMS consists of HD colored screens with variable sizes located based on the road speed and the number of lanes. They are also designed in a way that will make the cleaning and maintenance process of them done easily with no need for road closures. VMS display various multilingual messages such as ‘Accident, Please Slow Down,’ ‘Dense Fog Ahead,’ ‘Road Closed,’ ‘Don’t Use Mobile Phones while Driving’ … etc.”

As for the benefits of the projects, Al Marzouqi stated that it:


* Improves the levels of road safety.

* Informs road users at the roads conditions and travelling time.

* Notifies the drivers of accidents and weather conditions in a timely manner.

* Reduces travelling time and any delays caused by accidents.

* Limits the use of fuel and harmful emissions.

* Raise the level of road services in Abu Dhabi’s main roads.

DMAT is working closely with its stakeholders to maximize the use of road infrastructure. The Department collaborated with the Monitoring and Control Center (MCC) in Abu Dhabi to use the vaults of falcon eye project and install some of the VMS. In addition, it used live cameras to manage the traffic in the city and reduce the total cost of the project.

It is noteworthy that the ITC is responsible for regulating the smart transport systems and the planning of projects and supervise them. Moreover, it works on the application of these services and manages the traffic management centers in Abu Dhabi.


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