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The Most Spectacular Hotels in Arabia


Caption: Lose yourself in a Moroccan Paradise at the Es Saadi Resort

Arabia is a beautiful and varied landscape, with diverse cultures and a rich history. It’s no surprise then that it’s home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Whether it’s an opulently appointed Moroccan hideaway, a city centre Saudi palace or a relaxing beachside retreat in Oman, Arabia has something to offer every kind of luxury traveller.

The Es Saadi Resort, Marrakech

The Es Saadi resort has everything a holidaymaker could possibly look for in a place to stay. Their state of the art casino was the first in Morocco and remains a plush spot to while away an evening. Fans of online and mobile gaming will be in heaven here with the multitude of slot machines to choose from, with games familiar from most casino sites. With that said, some of the most beloved games in the casino are the table games; there’s nothing else quite like settling down to a hand of poker. Whilst playing on a mobile app is becoming ever more popular for its simplicity and convenience, there’s something charming about experiencing the real thing from time to time. The atmosphere inside the Casino Marrakech is hushed, but electric, perfect for a quick spin on the roulette table or settling down to a long game of poker.

Guests can stay in a number of different areas, either in the main palace or on the grounds. A particularly charming option is to stay in the grounds amidst 8 hectares of perfectly pruned greenery. These Deluxe Suites sit just a few meters from the enormous lagoon-style swimming pool, so you can stroll out of your suite in the morning and have a peaceful dip. As well as having one of the largest swimming pools in Morocco at your disposal, you also have the famous Palace hydrotherapy circuit and spa to keep you feeling relaxed. It’s certainly a luxury offering from the Es Saadi resort, one that is sure to leave you feeling utterly pampered.

The Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Saudi Arabia’s western coast, and have quite a hotel budget, then consider booking yourself a stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Jeddah. This former palace has a fascinating history and is truly one of the most magisterial buildings to have been turned into a hotel. Overlooking the beautiful Red Sea, you will find regal suites that are perfectly appointed. The Royal Suite is the most luxury of all and features an enormous King sized bed and a fully marbled bathroom. The room itself is some 500 square metres and overlooks the Jeddah fountain, a beautiful sight to wake up to.

Whilst the suites at the Ritz-Carlton are certainly luxurious, they almost fade into the background when compared to the other amenities on offer. The restaurants are specially curated to highlight the fantastic local cuisine. The Reyana restaurant, named after the Arabic for ‘sweet basil’ which is a favourite herb in many local dishes, has a varied and delicious menu. The distinct flavours of Saudi Arabian cuisine meet Mediterranean and Moroccan influences to create a true feast for the senses. The black cod is particularly subtle and incredibly delicious, whilst those with a sweet tooth will find themselves in heaven in the Karamel Lounge.

Six Sense Zighy Bay, Musandam

Caption: The breakfast buffet is bursting with fresh fruits at the Zighy Bay resort

Visitors to Dubai should consider making a detour to Musandam, some 75 miles from the airport. Although you are truly away from the city, the picturesque location more than makes up for the comparative lack of hustle and bustle. This stunning resort offers guests villa-style stays, with 82 individual villas set amongst the grounds of the resort. Date palm, pomegranate and fig trees are dotted around the estate, providing welcome dappled shade from the bright sunshine. The villas themselves are simple, but elegant in style with flagstone floors, stucco walls and raw linen sheets. The ‘back to nature’ style of the resort extends to the requirement for guests to walk barefoot around the grounds.

The restaurants scattered around the Zighy resort are all supplied by their own organic garden. The fine dining option called ‘Sense on the Edge’ is a mountain top restaurant, where you can overlook the spectacular scenery whilst enjoying a true culinary experience. Breakfast is a simpler affair that is best enjoyed at Spice Market; the buffet is unmissable and is bursting with fresh fruits and smoothies, a perfect start to the day.


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