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Top 5 airline safety videos – Travel & Hospitality

Boarding completed, seatbelts are fastened and the aircraft is slowly rolling over the tarmac to the runway, almost ready for takeoff. But before the plane can leave the ground, all passengers are made aware of the safety features on board via video on screen.

Safety videos are a necessary form of visual communication to ensure all passengers can follow procedures in case of an unlikely emergency.

However, frequent flyers and regular travellers tend to dread those couple of minutes, where a monotone voice-over accompanies rather dull visuals.

Most airline safety videos lack imagination, but thankfully not all.

In recent years, in-flight safety clips have evolved from boring video instruction manuals to entertaining shorts with funny or quirky elements. Animated, underlined with musical features, or simply spiced up with some witty elements, the following are our top five picks for unique safety videos that will definitely get everyone’s undivided attention.

Air New Zealand – Safety in Hollywood

With Scary Movie sweetheart Anna Faris and comedian Rhys Darby leading through their 2016 Safety in Hollywood video, Air New Zealand has set the tone for silly safety videos that still convey the message. Scenes across different movie sets, from a romantic location in Paris, to a Western shootout, are interluded with actual safety instructions – from a cop chase to the obvious scary movie – everything goes in this safety video.

Qantas – Safety in Style

Featuring the beauty of Australia with lots of stunning location shots, Qantas’ latest safety video comes with mesmerising visuals, accompanied by a showcase of the continent’s warm hospitality and humour. With a skyscraper cleaner explaining the seatbelt from the beautiful Gold Coast, a fashion designer explaining the oxygen mask from backstage at his runway show in Melbourne and a dance theatre flawlessly demonstrating brace positions, the airline has managed to create a truly stylish safety film.

Qatar Airways – FC Barcelona

Benefiting from the airline’s sponsorship of one of the most popular football teams ever, Qatar Aiways has found a clever way of illustrating safety while entertaining passengers with a love for the game, and even those without. Starring the likes of Neymar Da Silva, Gerard Pique and Lionel Messie, with safety demonstrations revolving around the iconic Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, this video will make sure you are never offside of aircraft safety.

Air New Zealand – The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

Air New Zealand deserves a second mention simply due to the fact that the rather young airline has, over the past few years, come up with some of the most entertaining safety videos ever. The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made was released in 2014, but has since then not lost any of its truly epic charm. Revolving around the obvious tourist magnet of Lord of the Rings shooting locations in New Zealand, the video features safety instructions by author Sir Peter Jackson himself, alongside actors from the globally successful movie franchise such as Elijah Wood, all set in Middle Earth.

Virgin America – Safety Dance

Directed by Jon M. Chu, renowned for some of the most successful dance movies and stage biographies of the last decade, including “Step Up” franchise instalments and Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never”, Virgin America’s Safety Dance video is a rhythmic feast for the eyes and ears. Featuring some of the top choreographers and dance stars – including multiple “So You Think You Can Dance” contestants, this video will have you grooving in your seats to a mixture of break dance, jazz and loads of other dance styles.

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