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Tough Task Before New BJP U.P. State President Bhupendra Choudhry

By Pradeep Kapoor

LUCKNOW: With the appointment of jat leader Bhupendra Choudhry, Panchayati Raj minister in Yogi Adityanath Ministry as BJP president of Uttar Pradesh, BJP has attempted to counter SP-RLD in Western UP. It was only after several months devoted by BJP and RSS and meetings, the top leadership finalised the name of Bhupendra Choudhry as state president to succeed Swatantra Dev Singh who was inducted in Yogi Ministry.

Bhupendra Choudhry had been with RSS and was with Viswa Hindu Prashad before playing active role in BJP. He had been regional secretary and later on regional incharge of party in Western UP between 2006 and 2014. He was instrumental in working with jat community and getting good support in all previous elections.

It was only when SP-RLD alliance did well in Western UP in 2022 assembly polls and success of farmers agitation, BJP realised that  the party would face  serious challenge in 2024 Lok Sabha polls . Then decision was taken to bring Bhupendra Choudhry as state president. With his close proximity with powerful Union Home Minister Amit Shah and backing of RSS Bhupendra Choudhry is likely to play important role not only in mobilizing jat community but also galvanizing the party organisation for Lok Sabha polls. Known for his vast experience in the building up the organisation BJP is looking for major gain in forthcoming elections.

Since Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath belongs to Gorakhpur in eastern UP, BJP has also attempted to regional balancing by bringing state president from Western UP. Significantly Bhupendra Choudhry made it clear that there would be better coordination between the government and party in UP. Bhupendra Choudhry cleared the doubt created by the tweet of deputy chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya that party organisation was bigger than the government.

BJP state President Bhupendra Choudhry said that CM Yogi Adityanath was successfully implementing policies and programs of BJP. He also supported the claim of CM Yogi Adityanathth at the BJP would achieve the target of all the 80 seats in Lok Sabha from UP. The manner in which reception of Bhupendra Choudhry was organised on his arrival in Lucknow made it clear that he enjoyed the support of the government as well as senior leaders of the party.

There is no doubt that BJP state President Bhupendra Choudhry is facing tough task to galvanise the party organisation in the absence of powerful general secretary Sunil Bansal who has been elevated and made All India General Secretary in charge of states where party is attempting to make inroads. (IPA Service)

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