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Trump Played the Libertarian Right

Trump Is Playing You

Note: Soren K is a group of 4 writers to whom I contribute on commodity market posts-Vince Lanci

Written by Soren K and MarketSlant. 

There is one thing Hillary and Donald agree on. You are idiots. She said it. He thinks it. In fact the voting populace is largely brain damaged. And those who aren’t quite vegetables yet will become pacified with iphones, slot machines, and skinner boxes designed to wither their ability to make decisions. Look it up. No wait, we did it for you. Click to scroll. You are too busy alternatively being pacified or outraged.

Trump is About Trump. You will be a captive client to US sub par products made by corporations with all the rights of people, without the social contract. They will be subsidized, favored, given carve-outs etc. Carrier was given money to stay in the US. That money is going to make their plants more efficient. They will do this via more automation. Translation: Trump just got you fired. How does Trump feel about it? It was going to happen anyway, why shouldn’t he benefit from it? Then the corporations will want more measures to keep the American consumer captive. Enter wealth confiscators from the Globalist Left and the Corporatist Right.

This is a false quote, but Trump’s actions do not show a much different perspective.

Still Just Rats in a Cage

Part of making you compliant is removing your economic freedom. The wall is being built to keep you IN. That means choices need to be limited. Like using alternative means of payment. Liberal Globalists will champion it. Conservative Corporatists will profit from it. 1 party rule

You have 100 choices of toothpaste now, but you will only be able to buy them here soon. The Ruling Class tools are monetary policy,indebtedness, inflation, tariffs, and co-opting alternative stores of wealth like Gold. If they can’t co-opt your Gold, they will debase it.

They won’t confiscate your Gold this time. No. They will tax it. They will force you to CUSIP it. They will reduce its collateral value for loans. They will prohibit IRA ownership in home safes.

IRS Warns Against Keeping IRA Funds in Gold at Home

September 5, 2016Wall St.JournalThe Internal Revenue Service isn’t too keen on the recent advertisements suggesting retirement savers store their tax-free individual retirement account funds in gold at their house or in safety-deposit boxes, the Wall Street Journal writes.

Storing Gold at Home: Legal, But with Caveats Full Story HERE

Laura Saunders On Gold Confiscation

That’s why the government probably won’t repeat the 1933 rip-off. It’s simply not worth the effort. I think the government will try a new scam: taxing windfall profits on gold. This would make it much easier for the government to accomplish something similar to its 1933 heist.There’s precedence for it, too. In 1980, Congress passed the Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax Act, which taxed up to 70% of “windfall profits” of domestic oil producers. The whole concept is a scam—a word trick to camouflage and sanitize legalized theft.

If the price of gold explodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if Congress passes a Fair Share Gold Windfall Profit Tax Act levying a tax of 80%, 90%, or more on gold profits. More HERE

JPMorgan on Safe Deposit Box Use

As of April 2015, JPMorgan Chase sent a letter to all renters of safe deposit boxes, specifying a new agreement that they must sign if they wish to continue to rent a safe deposit box. It includes this key phrase:“Contents of the box: You agree not to store any cash or coins other than those found to have a collectible value.”- look it up yourself

Cusiped Gold Only Please

Gold has to be absorbed into the system. Via VAT, cash settled futures, and most easily CUSIPs for Gold. That way if your Gold is not tagged, it is not usable.  If Gold represents financial freedom, then it will be attacked next. Gold is  money without borders, and will have to be controlled through nationalization in some form. It will be taxed, CUSIP labeled (branding), prohibited from being kept in a bank safe deposit box, made non-deliverable against paper Gold, and so forth. The IMF merely has to include it in a new SDR and that immediately makes Gold a nationalized item. Why do you think every CB is accumulating it? Gold is the only money that crosses borders and carries no debt on it. And countries will need it to continue international trade via SDRs or otherwise  If all else fails, it will be confiscated where it can be. Full post HERE

Hope, Change, and MAGA are the Same Thing

Seriously, there is no 2 party system. There is no left and right anymore. Both sides think you are idiots and are doing everything they can to ensure your idiocy grows. There is no middle class. And along with its elimination by our government, a shitstorm is coming.Immigration is the catalyst in the EU. Old Boomers are the catalyst here.

As both Sanders and the philosopher Slavoj Zizek noted after Sanders lost the primaries, left and right are in some sense outdated ideas. The new division in politics is those who favor the current global hegemony and those who are against it. [Edit- ideological authoritarian elites vs disenfranchised shrinking middle & lower middle class- Soren] Like the Hollywood heroes, right and left have been competing to become this new radical anti-status quo party. And so far, in both Europe and America, the right has won, implying that, as Arendt predicted, the powerlessness created by bourgeoisie systems of capitalist exploitation might once again implode into far right totalitarianism. Source

graphic courtesy @vincelancipictures

The immigration issue seen most recently in the EU is just a catalyst. Merkel is doubling down on her policies. Just as printing money debases a currency, unchecked immigration will debase social structures. We either get run over as socialist systems collapse (US Boomer retirees, EU immigration influx) under their own weight. Or we get Totalitarian rule to “preserve our way”. Happy to be wrong here. But the evidence and empirical drift suggest otherwise.

Authoritarianism Won- Libertarians May as Well be a Suicide Squad

It’s not easy these days. We understand the government has become expert in psychology, marketing, and bribery. It’s a lie, and eventually all lies are uncovered. But when? (now!) and how? are the questions. Step up, or your children will be boiled slowly while playing Candy Crush. We’re talking to the so-called anti authoritarian Libertarians. The ones who want almost no government. The ones who understand where we are heading and do nothing. Well, what can an idelogy that is based on “watching” do? Nature abhors a vacuum. Your ideology makes room for Authoritarians. That is why there will never be a Libertarian President. Because you don’t want it. Ron Paul ran in half measures. Rand is a damp sponge as a candidate. This is why we are now in an authoritarian state.

There is only Authoritarian and Libertarian now. And by definition Authoritarian wins over Libertarian. Libertarians may as well be Pacifists.  Libertarianism is best as a police mechanism that tries to keep politicians honest. Libs can be most effective outside the system.  And you blew it. Even Gandhi would have stepped up by now.

Ron Paul is a Joke

Champion of the basic a tenets of the Constitution. Here he is on Government’s Role

 “the proper role for government in America is to provide national defense, a court system for civil disputes, a criminal justice system for acts of force and fraud, and little else.”

That includes enforcing the rule of law as it is in contracts. Obama shredded that in the Chrysler, GMAC bond disaster. Ron Paul did Dick to protect the rule of law in the USA in this. Look it up yourself. The Dude and Walter at least tried.

Paul Ryan sold you out BTW. He is backing Trump’s “Ban” in order to receive money from the Koch crew. Watch what happens if the next immigration bill is a joke. Paul will fade away. No money, No Paul.And if you think Libertarianism can be scaled in the USA stop reading. Your an idiot living a fantasy. That is called anarchy.

Step up or shut up. Trump, Clinton, Sanders are all Authoritarians.  And most Authoritarians think you are either an idiot to be used (GOP, Elite Dems), or a child to be coddled (Progressive Dems). Right now the Authoritarians are coming for your economic freedom. Global multiculturalists on the left will abolish cash. On the Right, Trump will Make American Corporations Great again.

Currently it is lining up as Trump vs CIA/Elite Dems/MSM/NEOCONS in collaboration. AKA teh “Deep-State” This is our choice now? Trump or a bunch of unelected assholes? D.C. should be made into a glass parking lot.

Trumpettes and Clinton-ites Welcome

Leave your money with Rogoff, the Fed, the IMF and the US Corps (401Ks courtesy of Trump directly feeding his “pals”). Drop your other rights in the box marked “Patriot Act”

What Will it Take for You to Realize You are Being Played?

Do you not think there was a point where Gandhi would pick up arms? Do you think he would have let a 3rd Reich dictator run him over? Everyone has a point where they act. Read about Arjuna in the Gita for the “compulsion to act” moment. Arjuna realizes the idiocy of war, and refuses to fight. G-d has words with him on the matter. BTW, Arjuna means “Shining like Silver” so we are big fans of the outcome. The key is, will you hit the point to act before it is too late? Ron Paul’s point has passed. He won’t suffer. Your children will.

The unsung movie NightHawks actually makes the “compulsion to act” more clear. In it, Stallone’s character is resistant to anti-terror tactics. The terror expert tells him (paraphrased) ‘We all have what it takes to act. The key is recognizing what it will take to utilize that to defeat a greater evil’ Basically, what will wake you up short of an existential threat? Here is the scene (poorly acted) Relevant point at 1:40 in.

This is not about violence. Unless thinking and shedding the mud-caked on your brain is considered violent. It’s about thinking. Your representatives do nto want you to think

*Also: If you are a parent and give a shit about your child’s development, read these concepts*

AnchorExecutive Functionswhich is higher order decision making processes

A set of cognitive processes – including attentional control, inhibitory control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility, as well as reasoning, problem solving, and planning – that are necessary for the cognitive control 

Skinner Box which impedes Executive Function

A device that is used to study and manipulate operative conditioning in animals. In social media: 

Social networking services such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have been identified as using the techniques, critics use terms such as Skinnerian Marketing for the way the companies use the ideas to keep users engaged and using the service.

Brain Physiology Changes After Skinner Box Exposure: Yes, your brain’s cognitive muscle withers. Like the guy who did so much coke his pleasure center became mush.

This indicates that the deficit is attributable to an impairment in the planning, selection, or initiation of the lateralized response rather than in its execution, suggesting an “executive” (function)impairment. Click emdedded link for more

Controlled Opposition- what happens when a 2 party system is really no different ideologically. NOTE THERE IS NO WIKI ENTRY ON THIS

A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is sometimes being led by government agents. Their agenda is to win (and to preserve the status quo of a 2 party system in this case). Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. Notably Vladimir Lenin who said ””The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Manufactured Consent – What the government does when it cant get its way. includes a complicit MSM

If you are going to be an animal, don’t be a sheep. Be a dog. At least you’ll die happy.

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