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Two Die at Indian Bull-Taming Event, Protesters Clash With Police

Fans of the Indian sport of bull taming clashed with police in Chennai, capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu Monday, a day after two men were killed by a bull at an event in the state.

India’s government on Saturday temporarily allowed the sport, known as Jallikattu, which was banned in 2014 by the country’s highest court over animal-cruelty concerns.

Two men died Sunday after being gored by a bull at an event in Rapoosal in Pudukkottai district, police said.

Protesters started gathering in Chennai last week to demand they be allowed to hold Jallikattu events during Pongal, the annual harvest festival which takes place in January.

A section of India’s animal cruelty law prohibits bulls from being used as “performing animals.”

Animal-rights activists say the sport is cruel because the animals can get hurt. Fans of the sport have asked courts to allow Jallikattu to take place, saying it holds cultural significance.

On Monday police in Chennai tried to evict protesters from the Marina Beach area, where thousands have gathered over the past week. Protesters threw stones and set fire to vehicles as police tried to drag them away.

P. Dhanapal, speaker of the state assembly, said Monday that a special legislative session will be held to pass an amendment to the law, allowing the sport to be played in the state.

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