Uncovering the Caribbean: The 7 Must-Visit Hidden Gems

The Caribbean boasts 26 beautiful countries, each of which has numerous attractions worth visiting. It is the best destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a holiday that offers plenty of exciting and relaxing activities and everything in between.

Its most popular countries preferred by holidaymakers include the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

However, not all Caribbean countries get the credit they deserve. There are other places here that are not as popular among tourists but also have spectacular beaches, amazing resorts and hotels, fascinating heritage and cultural sites, stunning landscapes, a variety of activities, and superb eats.



The Caribbean’s Best Hidden Attractions

If you want to explore more of the Caribbean, here are its seven hidden gems you shouldn’t miss:


1.     Anguilla

The snake-shaped island is surrounded by fine, white sands and clear, blue waters. The beaches are lined with coconut palms and sea-grape trees.

The picturesque coastline and other attractions, plus the laid-back vibe, make Anguilla one of the best Caribbean destinations.


Anguilla is one of the top luxury destinations in the Caribbean. If you want to experience a plush vacation, you have plenty of five-star hotels and private villas to choose from.

Anguilla has 33 beaches, all of which have powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters. There are also hills which are great for long walks and hikes. Additionally, the country has a few national parks and historical sites that are worth visiting.

The country also has several must-try restaurants that serve traditional Anguillan and global cuisines.

Some of the best activities here include snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, and swimming with the dolphins.

Capital City: The Valley

Must-Visit Places: Meads Bay, Sandy Ground, Rendezvous Bay, Windward Point, Wallblake House, and the Heritage Collection Museum.


2.     Antigua and Barbuda

With 365 beaches said to be found in Antigua and Barbuda, it would be a shame not to visit this twin-island country.

Antigua and Barbuda lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This nation is home to numerous natural and human-made attractions. It provides visitors the best combination of water and land activities that allow you to relax and experience fun adventures.

The country is known for its numerous beaches. In Antigua alone, you will find beaches with white, grey, or pink sands and clear azure or blue-green waters.

Whether you are looking for calm waters for a more relaxing swim and other activities, such as kayaking or canoeing, or ones that are perfect for more exciting sports, like kitesurfing and scuba diving, you will find them here.

There are other fun activities to try on land as well. These include hiking, zip-lining, and a rainforest canopy tour.

Capital City: St. John’s

Must-Visit Places: Dickenson Bay, Ffryes Beach, Half Moon Bay Beach, Pigeon Point Beach, Low Bay Beach, Nelson’s Dockyard, Shirley Heights, and Devil’s Bridge.


3.     The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands or the BVI is one of the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean. Its 60 islands boast of several exquisite beaches and dive sites.

Many of the islands found in the BVI are volcanic and thus have mountainous, rugged terrains. It has dramatic landscapes with grand peaks that plunge into crystal-clear bays.

All the islands in the BVI are perfect for diving, snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing. They are also excellent for different types of fishing, such as deep-sea fishing, reef fishing, and bonefishing.

The country is also known as a sailing destination due to its several amazing sailing and yachting sites. Charter sailboats actually offer popular opportunities to visit the less accessible yet exquisite islands.

Capital City: Road Town

Must-Visit Places: Anegada Island, The Baths National Park, White Bay, Smuggler’s Cove Beach, Rhone National Maritime Park & RMS Rhone Shipwreck Dives, and Sage Mountain National Park.


4.     Dominica

Dominica is known as the Caribbean’s “Nature Isle.” The country belongs to the Windward Islands located in the Lesser Antilles archipelago.

This island country has a plethora of majestic mountains, lush tropical rainforests, and gorgeous landscapes and gardens.

Because of these natural features, Dominica is the perfect eco-tourism spot and destination for nature lovers.

Hiking, birdwatching, and communing with nature are some of the best activities you can do here.

However, Dominica also has its fair share of beaches, lakes, and waterfalls. As such, you can also go swimming, snorkeling, diving, canoeing, and engage in other water sports and activities.

Capital City: Roseau

Must-Visit Places: Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Cabrits National Park, Papillote Tropical Gardens, Soufriere-Scotts Head Marine Reserve, and Scott’s Head.


5.     Grenada

Grenada is known as the Caribbean’s Spice Island, and for good reason. The country is one of the biggest exporters of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, allspice, and turmeric in the world.

Spices are not the only best things about Grenada, though. The country is home to many enthralling natural and manmade attractions. Its laid-back vibe also makes it a great destination for all holidaymakers.

Grenada has several of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Most of its popular coastal areas and places for water sports are located in the southwest region around St George, the airport, and the coastal strip.

Eco-tourism is also becoming quite popular here, which is mainly brought about by the gorgeous waterfalls you can find around the country.

Capital City: Saint George’s

Must-Visit Places: Grand Anse Beach, Morne Rouge Beach, Annandale Falls, Fort George, Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, Grand Etang Lake and National Park, and La Sagesse Nature Center


6.     St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis was once known as the gateway to the Caribbean. Because of this, you won’t go wrong putting it on the top of your list of countries to visit here.

As its name implies, St. Kitts and Nevis is a twin-island country. St. Kitts is the bigger isle and is known for its interesting local culture, variety of accommodation options, and lively nightlife.

On the other hand, its sister island, Nevis, is smaller and quieter. Its primary, most noticeable feature is its volcanic mountain that dominates the landscape.

With all its natural and manmade attractions, St. Kitts and Nevis has something to offer to everyone having their holiday here.

Capital City: Basseterre

Must-Visit Places: Pinney’s Beach, Majors Bay, Frigate Bay South and North, Sand Bank Bay, Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, and Timothy Hill.


7.     Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is made up of 33 islands. Saint Vincent is the largest island, while the other 32 islands fall under Grenadine, several of which are uninhabited.

Most of the isles are emerald volcanic islands that stretch south towards Grenada. They are known for their white sand beaches and palm-lined bays.

The islands are near each other, making it easy to ferry-hop from one isle to another to explore the white sand beaches, volcanoes, and rainforests.

Diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing, and sailing are some of the most sought-after activities here.

Capital City: Kingstown

Must-Visit Places: Bequia, Canouan, Petit St. Vincent, Palm Island, Tobago Cays Marine Park, Union Island, St. Vincent Botanical Gardens, and La Soufrière volcano.

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Abire Mansoor is a Director and Licensed Agent at Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship, residency and investment into the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. Based in her home country of Antigua & Barbuda, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.