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YouTube Rolls Out Double Tap Function To Fast Forward And Rewind Videos

YouTube is bringing the popular double tap functionality used in apps to its platform.

But instead of double tapping to “like” a video, the new feature allows users to easily navigate through videos when mobile.

Now when a user double taps to the left or right of a video, they will be able to fast forward or rewind 10 seconds of the video.

However, there are limitations. The feature only works when the user views a video in full-screen mode.

It’s also not widely available yet.

The new double tap YouTube feature was first reported by a user on Reddit. The user who first noticed it has an iOS device, but others reported that it also is available for Android.

And while the fast forward and rewind feature appears to be included as part of a recent update to the YouTube app, it is not working for all users.

Some even reported that it works for him on their iPhone, but on their iPhone, whereas some said it works on just a few and not all videos.

Not everyone who has the ability to use the feature is happy about it. Some reported a lag when using the feature which slows down the video watching experience.

Even still, it could come in handy when wanting to skip ahead or go back just a few seconds when viewing shorter videos instead of using the seek bar, which could result in going back to the beginning or to the very end.

There have been reports of YouTube testing this feature for the past year. Last month iOS users began to notice this feature, but it was then removed.

It now seems to have starting rolling out to more users as part of the Feb. 1 update that brought with it the ability to control videos from the lock screen in the app while casting to Chromecast devices, smart TVs and gaming devices.

Now users can now press play, pause, next or adjust volume directly from their iPhone, using it as a remote control when watching with their Chromecast device. These controls are now also in the Control Center.

The update also allows iOS users to control playback from their Apple Watch.



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