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3 Things Could Boost Female Orgasm Potential, According To Researchers

Scientists just stumbled on the three sexual behaviors that could help women achieve orgasm more often.

Call it the “golden trio” of sexual moves. According to a team of U.S. researchers, a mix of genital stimulation, deep kissing, as well as oral sex could boost the likelihood of women reaching orgasm with their sexual partner.

What The Numbers Say

“The orgasm gaps between men and heterosexual women were well known prior to this study,” said lead author and Chapman University professor David Frederick in The Guardian. The gaps they sought to probe were not just between the sexes but also between people of different gender preferences.

The team analyze data from an online survey, which gathered the responses of over 52,000 individuals from ages 18 to 65 and were in a relationship with a person. More than 2,000 of them were gay, lesbian, and bisexuals, added Frederick.

Ninety-five percent of heterosexual males disclosed always or usually orgasming during sex, while just 65 percent of heterosexual females did. The numbers were 89 percent for gay men, 86 percent for lesbian women, 88 percent for bisexual men, and 66 percent for bisexual women.

The research further showed that only 35 percent among heterosexual females usually or always orgasmed during vaginal sex. On the other hand, 80 percent of heterosexual females and 91 percent of lesbians reported the same through a mix of genital stimulation, deep kissing, and oral sex, and without vaginal intercourse.

What Could Enhance Female Orgasm?

In men, very little seemed to affect the orgasm potential. In women, by contrast, 20 percent were more likely to report always or usually orgasming when they did certain things during the last lovemaking.

Just what were these things? Women who orgasmed frequently appeared more likely to receive more oral sex, have longer sessions of sex, have greater satisfaction in the relationship, and ask for what they want in bed. They also tended to praise their partner for something, wear sexy underwear, and act out their fantasies.

A seeming tragedy, according to co-author and The Case of the Female Orgasm author Elisabeth Lloyd, was that 30 percent of men actually thought of intercourse as the best way for women to achieve orgasm.

“[T]hat is sort of a tragic figure because it couldn’t be more incorrect,” she said, deeming it an understatement that “there needs to be some education.”

The results could lend insight into the different techniques to boost the frequency of orgasms, specifically among women, the researchers noted.

The findings were discussed in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Previous research have pointed to unstable emotional status and lower libido as factors behind the tendency of some women to fake orgasms. In December 2015, international polling and marketing firm Institute of French Public Opinion showed that French woman were most likely to fake it and that they had the most difficulty reaching climax during sex and having regular orgasms.

French women, potentially like other women high up on the list, undergo high stress and fatigue levels, which wreak havoc on their emotion and sex drive and do not create optimal conditions for sex.

Here’s another interesting finding: masturbation emerged as the top functioning response at 80 percent.

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