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5 Stunning Places to Buy International Property


Did you know that Lenny Kravitz spends his time between Paris and the Bahamas? He sold up his American residence altogether! Then there’s Johnny Depp who actually owns his own French Village!

OK, so you might not be in the market to buy villages, but maybe you want to buy international property somewhere with a favorable climate? If so, read on to find out five stunning places to buy international property.

Phuket Island

If you’re looking to get all-year-round sun, sea, and sand then Phuket, Thailand might be the place for you. The food is amazing, the locals are friendly, and you won’t have to spend a fortune while you’re there.

Furthermore, property prices in Phuket are lower than they’ve been in years since the pandemic. If you get in there soon before the economy picks up, you might find yourself a bargain!

Bear in mind, you can’t buy a house outright, but you can own a condo. That being said, there are ways you can own a house indirectly by setting up a company.

Santo Domingo

If you’re looking at buying property overseas, the Dominican Republic is bouncing back after the pandemic with tourism looking positive now. Santo Domingo is the Dominican capital and is a great place to do business as well as to enjoy the beautiful weather it offers.

Furthermore the culture there is fascinating. It has a mixture of Spanish and African heritage to enjoy with amazing dishes and fantastic nightlife. Of course, the beaches there are to die for as well!


Fortaleza is a stunning location in Brazil and has some great international property. It’s a coastal region that boasts beautiful weather and incredible long stretching beaches.

The great thing about this location is there are plenty of beachfront properties on sale there. And they’re going pretty darn cheap relative to global prices!

Algarve Coast

The Algarve Coast is an incredible strip of coastline in Portugal. While the capital’s property prices seem way too high, the Algarve offers some excellent investment options.

Portugal is one of those places that many people neglect to check out. But, if you do manage to visit there, you’ll probably fall in love with the place with all its charm.


Originally, Marbella was a quaint little fishing town on the Spanish coast. Now, although the old town still remains, it’s grown into a cosmopolitan retreat for people of all walks of life. And it has some of the best property in Spain on offer.

You can opt for more humble abodes slightly out of town, or join some of the rich and famous close to the central and beachfront areas. Whatever the case, there’s something there for everyone and all ages. And the climate is very favorable all year round.

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Buy International Property To Escape 

If you’re looking to escape the cold and mundane and maybe do some new business, buy international property. You’ll gain loads of enjoyable memories and a viable investment.

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