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A medieval, murderous, misogynist gang

Matein Khalid

Imran Khan described the fall of Kabul as liberation, I wonder if he has seen the images of desperate Afghans trying to flee their “liberation” by the odious Taliban – mothers handing over babies over the razor wire, the country’s best and brightest coming back to the airport after the savage suicide bomb attack, which was the Taliban’s modus operandi to slaughter the citizens of Kabul for the past 20 years.

I wonder how any human being with a shred of shame or decency can support a medieval, murderous and misogynist gang that flogged/stoned women, poisoned school girls, executed female teachers, amputated limbs and massacred ethnic minorities as a credible national liberation movement.

Every utterance of Imran only reinforces his nicknames of Im the Dim/Taliban Khan. Im even rejected a bill by feminist Pashtun legislators in the KP province to ban husbands from beating their wives (domestic violence) to appease his mullah fans.

Is this the kind of politician the West/civilised world can morally support? Who created the armed Taliban in the mid-1990’s and hosted their leadership in Quetta in the first place? The same Pretorian ghosts (or angels in Urdu) who overthrew an elected Prime Minister via a judicial coup and put Imran in his place.

It is repulsive that the Taliban handed over the security in Kabul airport to Sirajuddin Hakkani, a warlord from one of the most homicidal terrorist groups in South Asia. ISIS Khorasan is nothing more than the rebranded name of a breakaway faction from Mullah Radio’s TTP gang in Waziristan. The concept of a moderate Taliban is an oxymoron, no matter what propaganda Imran Khan dishes out to his brain washed acolytes.

Taliban will not be able to resurrect a robust Afghan state in such a fragmented, violent milieu and provide even basic services for 38 million people without the tens of billions in an annual aid lifeline from the US and EU tax payer.

I just hate to think what will happen to the 4 million girls enrolled in Afghan schools whom the Taliban had once banned from education. What will happen to the Afghan war widows who’s jobs made them the sole breadwinners for their impoverished families? An embryonic anti-Taliban resistance has already emerged in the Pangsher Valley, led by Amrullah Saleh and the brothers of the slain Ahmad Shah Masood, murdered on the eve of 9/11 by Al Qaeda suicide bombers on the orders of Mullah Omar.

President Biden must now atone for his grave error in rejecting the advice of SecDef Lloyd Austin and Centcom top brass on the logistics of the bungled evacuation. POTUS will compensate with military action on a massive scale to offset the calls from Republicans in Congress for his impeachment/resignation even as his approval ratings plunge. A US Navy aircraft carrier is off the Makaran Coast and JSOC special forces are on the hunt for the terrorists who murdered all those innocent people last week in Kabul.

Uncle Sam will now exact his terrible revenge, badal in Pashto.

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