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AEM Certification Dumps for Your Adobe 9A0-385 Exam

This 9A0-385 exam leads to the Adobe Experience Manager 6 Architect certification. It assesses the knowledge and skills of a candidate in helping clients realize the value in the Adobe solutions. This test is ideal for individuals who have current or previous experience working as Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioners. Someone with this job title should be able to do the following:

  • Organize digital assets of guide developers on the integration needed to meet business objectives
  • Create business requirement documents that developers can use in the creation of an AEM website
  • Create web pages based on the components that developers have created
  • Use tagging to meet business requirements
  • Manage multiple micro-sites
  • Define use cases
  • Create segments
  • Operateversions
  • Use workflows

The 9A0-385 exam contains 50 questions that an applicanthas to complete within 95 minutes. The passing score for the test is set to 550 out of the possible 700. You can register for the exam at the PSI testing center.

The objectives of the test help you understand the tasks that will be measured in the actual exam. Here are the exam objectives of AEM certification test:

  • Understanding digital marketing concepts
  • Creating and operating a website with AEM
  • Working with web content and digital asset management tools

Top Resources for the 9A0-385 Exam

It is not mandatory for you to complete training before you take the exam but it is advisable for you to complete it to have a better chance of its passing. Here are 4 top resources that you can usefor this Adobe exam:

  1. On-demand Training

This training includes quizzes, exams, self-paced learning modules, test outs, and e-seminar videos to help measure your level of understanding at no cost.

  1. Virtual Instructor-Led Training

You can access this through the learning management system and the training is 100 percent subsidized.

  1. In-person Instructor-Led Training

https://www.prepaway.com/9a0-385-exam.html offer hands-on and comprehensive courses across all job roles in a paid virtual classroom course.

  1. On-site Training

You can get virtual or in-person training for you and your team on one of the Adobe Digital Learning Services training centers.

Tips for Passing the 9A0-385 Exam

There is no sure way for you to pass this exam or any other tests for that matter but with a proper preparation, you may succeed. Here are the tips for passing this Adobe certification exam:

  • Complete the training

When it comes to training, there is no shortcut. Although it is possible for you to sit for the exam without completing the training of the course, you may end up experiencing knowledge gaps when you take the test. This could be catastrophic as you may end up losing out on the passing score because of a concept that you would have learned during your training. The training stage is important because you get to understand what the course is all about at a pace that is easy for you to understand. This eventually helps you when you are studying on your own.

  • Review the objectives of the exam

The exam objectives will always help you know the topics to focus on when you are revising for the exam. When you come across different study materials, you will be able to sieve through their contents and concentrate on the material that is relevant to the test. This will save you the time that you would have otherwise wasted reading on areas that do not contribute to the total percentage of the exam. Develop a study plan that is aligned with the exam objectives and you will never go wrong. This is the best way to prepare for this certification test and have a greater chance of passing it.

  • Review all study materials

There are so many materials you can use to study for your exam. Some you get free online from PrepAway.com while others you have to pay for to gain access. It may be tempting for you to get a book and settle for it as your sole study material but you will be limiting your scope of knowledge. There are preparation guides, videos, training sessions, and practice questions and answers that you can use to prepare for the exam. You need to check out every study resource for you to identify the one that works for you. Because they are not the same, you can find the one that captures your learning style out of all of them.

  • Lean on your experience

This is an exam that heavily depends on your level of experience hence you need to use your experience to answer the questions in the exam. The questions are scenario based which means that you will be required to answer them in a manner that you would respond if you were in a professional setting. Your skills are your greatest weapon and rather than stressing so much on grasping the concepts taught in the training course, you should be focused on polishing your skills in order to ensure that they work for you and not against you during the exam.

  • Use practice exams and questions

The concept of practice makes perfect cannot be overemphasized but it remains the best way to prepare for your exam. The more questions you try to answer, the more you get used to the type of questions that you are likely to encounter in the exam. Practice tests help you familiarize yourself with the exam atmosphere and help you learn how to manage your time because they are timed in the same duration as the actual exam. You can find out how ready you are for the test and make any necessary adjustments in areas that you do not completely understand.


Passing this 9A0-385 exam will get you the certification which goes a long way in building your career. You therefore need to prepare for it in the best way possible if you hope to succeed. Since the candidates are already experienced professionals, this gives you an advantage because you are already familiar with industry standards. You are in a better position to succeed, so just go for it. Good luck!

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