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Al Dahra signs strategic water security agreement with Israel’s Watergen

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The five-year collaborative project will be developed and adjusted to accommodate the UAE’s desert environment

Abu Dhabi-based Al Dahra Holding Company has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Israeli company, Watergen to create a renewable source of water for human and agricultural consumption.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two sides have agreed to establish a permanent centre in Abu Dhabi for manufacturing and distributing drinking and irrigation water production equipment. Watergen has developed a pioneering technology to produce water from air and has patented the world’s most energy efficient atmospheric water generator (AWG).

The agreement was signed in Abu Dhabi by Khadim Al Darei, vice-chairman and co-founder of Al Dahra Holding Company, and Michael Mirilashvili, CEO and President of Watergen. The agreement was concluded after the UAE company delegation visited Israel in October 2020, Al Darei said, noting that the company’s delegation met with representatives of Israeli companies operating in the sectors of agriculture, water and technology.

Additionally, Al Dahra has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Watergen covering an advanced technology for producing water from the air, which will help provide large quantities of drinking water, as well as water used in the irrigation of farms, parks, reserves, ranches and remote areas. An AWG can produce up to 5,000 litres of water per day for drinking and irrigation purposes.

“Amidst the concern for environmental issues around the world, especially in the UAE, environmental indexes are now being prioritised by developed countries. Therefore, Al Dahra aims to find sustainable and comprehensive environmental solutions that will protect the environment and support sustainable development programmes in the UAE,” Al Darei said.

He explained that the technology will enable many sectors to benefit from a renewable water source and create promising economic solutions for providing environment-friendly water, instead of digging wells or water desalination.

Meanwhile, Mirilashvili said: “Our visit to Abu Dhabi is due to the long-awaited Abraham Accord, which was signed by the UAE and Israel to establish stability in the region and normalise the ties between the two countries.”

He further stated that Watergen will showcase its technology in the UAE, to be promoted in the rest of the region, stressing that its products will reduce the use of plastics and directly affect the environment of the UAE and other countries.



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