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Rashidul Bari was born in Bangladesh in 1979 and has been studying in the United States since 2000. He considers himself one-half servant of education and one-half writer.He has earned five bachelor's degrees, BA in political science, BA in economics, BA in mathematics, BA in computer science and BA in physics respectively, from three different CUNY institutions: York College, City College of New York and Lehman College, and a Master's degree from Brooklyn College. Recently he chose New York University over Columbia University as my graduate school because former offered a full scholarship.His first book, Grameen Social Business Model, gained international recognition. He is currently collaborating with Dr. Daniel Kabat on a book entitled Beautiful Mathematical Laws of Physics.Rashidul has a dream: he hopes to convince young people, especially young Muslims who have been bred to be politically and religiously passionate, to understand that there is something more important than politics: developing algorithms, solving mathematical problems, and discovering new technologies. His dream, he admits, makes even fiction seem tame. But he is more hopeful than ever that his dream will come true, because the co-author of his dream is his five teachers—Professors Jerald Posman, Mark Ungar, Michio Kaku, Daniel Kabat and Robert Wallace.Topics:On microcredits & social-business, to promote the United Nations' MDG #1: eradicate extreme povertyOn education, to promote the United Nations' MDG # 2: achieve universal primary educationOn math & science, to put a spotlight on scientists rather than on political or sports heroesOn politics, to promote peaceful solutions to conflicts—e.g., Israel and Palestine issueOn religion, to promote secular policies such as separation of church and state