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Discontinued 'Halo' Mega Bloks Game For The Xbox 360 Surfaces Online [Video]

Popular first-person shooter game Halo nearly got a kid-friendly version called Mega Bloks Halo, also initially called by n-Space, its developer, as Haggar.

Its development has been unceremoniously stopped on its tracks and a recently leaked video has provided the reason, along with other insights about the title.

Developer Trouble And Xbox One Launch

In a video footage posted at YouTube, game historian Andrew Borman explained that n-Space, has already closed last year and the game’s production has even shuttered as early as November 2013.

According to Polygon, this is already a period when n-Space is struggling to survive. Borman, however, specifically cited that the Mega Bloks Halo was being built for the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, Microsoft has released the Xbox One, purportedly prompting n-Space to abandon its efforts in favor of new titles for the updated platform.

Mega Bloks Halo Gameplay

Aside from the reason behind the Mega Bloks Halo‘s premature demise, the video also revealed key insights about the game. A number of these points to an interesting and fun gameplay, which some observers feel makes the title a lot more fun than the original Halo game, drawing young players who are not so hot about its realistic sci-fi gaming experience.

Certainly, the game mechanics have been based on Halo. For instance, you still have weapon-wielding characters like the Warthogs and Spartans battling alien monsters. However, there are new gameplay elements such as how players need to collect blocks to build structures.

Despite the Mega Bloks-like appearance of the game’s graphics, n-Space seemed to have ported the same audio effects from Halo. Borman explained that this was made possible due to a collaboration with the then Halo developer, Bungie.

Mega Bloks vs. Lego

There are probably those who are wondering why Mega Bloks has been chosen instead of Lego to develop the game. It appears that the latter has said no when developers offered to license the toy. Borman pointed out that, according to his source, Lego is not too keen about having Halo — with its realistic guns and weapons — be identified with their brand.

The new game itself also offered a wide array of weapons including their diverse customization options.

Still, it would have been interesting to see the outcome of the Mega Bloks Halo and how its development played out. Halo has been a very lucrative title for Microsoft and it has spawned successful merchandises. Its popularity could have spilled over to this game, driving a different evolutionary trajectory under the wider Halo universe.

Today, Mega Bloks seems to have enjoyed some semblance of success in its tie-up with Bungie. Characters to the latter’s other shooter game Destiny now have their own line of Mega Bloks toys. Also, unlike Lego, Mattel seems to have no qualms being associated with Halo. The company has a complete set of Halo 5 action figures.

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