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Learn and earn through Evorich’s EvoScent Program

At the end of February, Evorich, in collaboration with Ramon Behar’s perfume house, launched the first phase of the EvoScent Program. To date, 8,715 sets have been sold.



 The main product of the new EvoScent program is now The Highest Collection, a line of exclusive fragrances by Behar, the world-famous perfumer. There are eight magnificent perfumes in the collection: luxurious Wealthy Spirit, noble Dynamic Gold, deep and rich Basalt, subtle and refined Fifth Element, philosophical Paradigma, sensual Tantric, ambitious and energetic Greatness and finally Evorich – the central fragrance of the collection, strong and flexible at the same time. 

 The EvoScent Program offers ten sets to choose from. They are designed to choose the right one and become the program’s participants with different financial abilities. The minimum set is the EvoScent №1 Basic consisting of one presentation set of mini fragrances. The maximum set goes under the name of EvoScent Business Platinum. It consists of: 2 presentation sets, 56 perfume bottles of the Highest Collection line, high-class courses at the “Academy of a Private Investor” (2nd and 3rd category “Pro Investor”, “Partner in a Million”, “MLCI Pro”), as well as a brand new Basic course by the EvoScent Academy. 

 All the program’s participants will receive a bonus – EvoScent Utility tokens (EVSN) bonus.  Token holders will be able to: get up to 40% discount on any EvoScent products (perfume, bags, belts, sunglasses); exchange them for NFT (for example: at an exchange rate of 1’000’000 EVSN = 1 NFT); purchase EvoScent shares for their nominal value during the pre-sale stage (for example: while the market price of a share will be $3 – $8, you will be able to purchase them for $0.001 in exchange for EVSN tokens). 

 Therefore, the Evorich company will grant its partners and everyone else a unique opportunity to support the project from the start, earn and receive tokens as a gift, the value of which will grow, according to experts.

Official website: https://evoscent.com/en/ 

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