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Excel In Your Career With CISCO Project Management Professional (CCNA) Certification

Knowing the fact that project management is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the world, it is not surprising, that it can be applied across a variety of different industries including engineering, IT, and business, etc. And that’s the reason why certified candidates in project management are in great demand. One of the organizations that offer certifications in this sphere is CISCO or the Project Management Institute, and its CCNA credential is the most.

Currently, there are over a million CCNA-certified professionals all over the world. This is due to the fact that the CCNA accreditation produces individuals that are highly competent and industry-ready.

And, this article provides a comprehensive insight into the CCNA badge and how you can propel your career to the next level with this certification.


What’s The Big Deal About the Project Management Professional Certification?

The CCNA certificate is ranked among the top project management credentials in the world. In other words, this qualification is globally recognized and demonstrates individuals’ capabilities in handling projects and achieving business value. Moreover, the CCNA certification syllabus is continuously updated to reflect the latest developments and trends in project management. This is important because project managers are in high demand than ever before.


Introduction to The Related CCNA Exam

Perhaps you already know that to get official certification, you must prove your expertise. In the case of the CCNA certificate, you must achieve a passing score on the corresponding test. It’s an industry-oriented exam that aims to measure an individual’s skills in successfully managing projects in three key areas as outlined below.

  • People

This knowledge area proves the individual’s ability to manage and lead a team including building the team, handling conflicts, negotiating projects, supporting, empowering, and training team members, collaborating and guiding stakeholders, identifying and resolving obstacles, and assessing.

  • Processes

This test domain mainly validates the applicant’s ability to manage a project including executing projects, handling communication, identifying the right approach, problem-solving, engaging stakeholders, budgeting, scheduling, alongside quality control, procurement, change management, knowledge management, and project termination.

  • Business Environment

This exam part assesses the ability of the candidates to identify the relationship between projects and organizational strategy. Therefore, professionals are expected to be able to handle project compliance, evaluate project value, facilitate organizational change, and assess business environment change.


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Career Opportunities

The CISCO CCNA credential is your passport to a great career in project management. It helps unlock the true potential of professionals. What’s mote this designation is highly versatile and the knowledge gained from the CCNA badge can be applied to any industry. Therefore, certified CCNA specialists have an edge in the industry and can work as project managers, project engineers, construction managers, IT managers, and much more.

Besides, this qualification by CISCO complements a professional’s primary degree and helps them excel in their career. So, according to the Project Management Salary Survey, professionals in the United States with the CCNA certification earn 25% higher than their non-certified counterparts. Meanwhile, the average annual salary of CCNA certificate owners is 108,327 USD according to research conducted by PayScale.com.



As a result, the CCNA certification has become an industry standard for project management as it covers key aspects of this field. In the meantime, certified professionals have the privilege of joining an esteemed community of project management professionals and participating in various events. As well, the CISCO CCNA credential provides many opportunities for specialists to grow. Thus, gain your certificate today and enjoy the limitless benefits.

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