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Dubai-based Finalrentals makes it possible to rent a car globally 

By Arabian Post Staff

When traveling abroad, people often try to search for a car online from unknown platforms, resulting in situations where customers feel they didn’t get the service they’d hoped for. But Finalrentals has changed all that.

Finalrentals is a startup born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After creating the best online car rental experience for tourists and residents in the UAE for short-term and monthly rentals, Finalrentals has now gone global, making it possible to rent a car anywhere in the world with the same level of comfort and ease.

“People who travel outside the UAE often complain and raise concerns that it is very hard for them to trust unknown services. I don’t want that to happen to any of our UAE residents and expats and I would like to tell them that now they can book with ease and our support team will help them with their international car rentals just like how we have helped them in the UAE. Now you have your very own local brand with global connections and you can drive anywhere in the world with Finalrentals customer support backing you every step of the way,” said Ammar Akhtar, Founder, and CEO of Finalrentals on the launch of their global portal.

“We are committed to making car rentals very easy for the users and allow them freedom of choice not just in the UAE but around the world. Our dream is to become the biggest, UAE-made car rental portal around the world,” he added.

The Finalrentals portal allows visitors to search, compare and book from more than 40,000 locations around the world, covering all the airports and downtowns in all major cities. The Finalrentals website and mobile app provide access to more than 1.2 million cars worldwide, which makes Finalrentals one of the largest portals to search, compare and rent a car.
Founders say Finalrentals is not all about technology and the number of cars and deals as it is also about creating value for people. The startup has won the Gulf Capital Meed Award for the best “digital business of the 2018” and is also ranked as one of the top 5 disruptive companies in the UAE 2019 by SME10X SME Advisor Middle East.

The global foray marks the next level of Finalrentals, whose founders had a dream of making car rentals as easy as possible not just in the UAE but also worldwide.
Travelers to Europe can rent a car starting from as low as 3 EUR per day depending on the vehicle category. Vehicles can be picked up from airport locations in all European cities as well as downtown locations that are near the main central station and it is very easy for the car renters to spot the location and collect their cars.
Another useful feature of Finalrentals is that customers can also buy insurance while booking the car. The company provides comprehensive insurance, which will take care of fretting excess and damages as well.


To rent a car with Finalrentals, log on to https://www.finalrentals.com and click on the option of ‘international bookings’ to rent a car. Users who would like to access it directly can go to https://www.finalrentals.eu. The mobile app ‘Finalrentals’ is also available for download for iOS and at Android App Stores.

Got a question? The Finalrentals call center is well-equipped to answer all local and international car rental queries. So no worries on that front.


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