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Next 'Titanfall 2' Update Will Add Fast And Frantic Pilot-Only 'Live Fire' Mode, Three New Maps

A few months before Titanfall 2 was released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in October of last year, developer Respawn Entertainment said that all future additions to the game, in the form of new modes and maps, will be completely free.

Respawn followed through on that promise with the launch of the Angel City’s Most Wanted DLC for Titanfall 2. The DLC, released just a month after Titanfall 2 was released, featured the Angel City map from the original Titanfall game, along with a new weapon, new Titan Kits, and the introduction of the skin store.

A couple of months after, Respawn has revealed plans for its next big update for Titanfall 2, which will again be free for all gamers who own a copy of the first-person shooter.

Titanfall 2 To Add Live Fire Mode

In a post on the official Titanfall website, Respawn revealed that the next update for Titanfall 2 will add a new mode named Live Fire.

Live Fire is a fast and frantic mode that moves the spotlight away from the Titans and onto the Pilots. The mode places two teams of six pilots against each other in close quarter combat with no respawns.

Each round in Live Fire lasts only one minute, and a team can win the round by either completely eliminating their opponents or by holding the neutral flag once the timer of the round ends.

Live Fire, which will test the teamwork and mobility skills of players, will also come with two new maps specifically designed for the game mode named Meadow and Stacks. These maps, which can only be accessed through the Live Fire playlist, are tight and enclosed, driving up the intensity of matches on the new mode.

Other Additions In Next Titanfall 2 Update

Live Fire and its two new maps are not the only things coming to Titanfall 2 in its next update, as there will also be a new map for Coliseum named Columns. There will also be a new Pilot execution, along with several new Commander introductions for every faction.

Respawn said that it is also working to make improvements to the playlist interface of Titanfall 2, which will arrive in the next content update to all platforms but possibly earlier for PC gamers. The interface change will allow players to create their own “mixtapes” and choose the game modes that they want to participate in.

The Importance Of New Content For Titanfall 2

Respawn said that it will soon reveal its roadmap for the next couple of months in terms of content that will be released for Titanfall 2.

The release of new content soon after the launch of Titanfall 2 shows the level of commitment that Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts have for the game. Sales for the title have been mediocre, but reviews on Titanfall 2 have been mostly positive.

Perhaps with the free post-launch content coming to Titanfall 2, its sales numbers will be pulled up to give justice to how great a game it is.

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