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Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Entering A Casino

Casino enthusiasts may make a bunch of mistakes on the inside of a casino, ones which they will probably pick up as they progress but people never mention the mistakes that can occur even before you step a foot inside of the casino. These are rookie mistakes at 666casino.com and usually the smallest crimes committed by first time casino goers. So to save you the embarrassment and give you wings to fly with, check out these rookie mistakes which can be avoided right here.

Dress Code

Before entering a casino, there are a few items on your list you need to check and one of the very first items, one we check before even driving to the casino, is what you are wearing. Casinos across the globe share a universal code of conduct and how you dress is massively the same from one land based establishment to the next. For example, men are encouraged to dress formally so all beachwear and open shoe wear are strongly prohibited. Shorts, slops, open shirts and the like will not be permitted in the casino.

Concealing Headwear

Another embarrassing mistake is that of players wearing caps and sunglasses to look like their most beloved poker celebrity. Hats and anything that conceals a face is prohibited as there might be nefarious reasoning for donning the gear. Security cameras have been set up all around the casino to seek out cheaters and robbers. The amount of money held in land based casinos is astounding and anything that may block players from being identified will be banned.

Bringing Children Into a Casino

If there is an event at the casino and you are taking your kids, that’s one thing. However, there are players who have never been to a casino and they make the mistake of assuming that their kids are welcomed on the floor. No children are allowed and unfortunately, you will be asked to leave.

Being Loud

A casino is a sophisticated place and as a result player’s should be respectful to the establishment and the people within the walls of the casino. Being loud or obnoxious because of excitement is a common occurrence and many casinos will allow players like this in but others will frown upon such poor behaviour.

Adopting Strategies

As a first time player, you may want to rethink taking the advice of friends unless you have verified that these strategies do in fact work. A rookie mistake is often following the advice of someone who isn’t trained in gaming and this bad advice spreads like a virus. Don’t make this mistake, rather test these theories using free casino games before entering a land based casino.

Avoid Large Bets

As you walk in you may be tempted to make a first initial bet, a high one, refrain from doing so until you have discovered the layout of the casino and identified your favourite casino games. Make your bankroll last long enough to hit a real win.

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