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Review of Guns N’ Roses Slot

This might just be the most rock and roll slot game of them all, as the Guns N’ Roses slot is officially licensed by one of the greatest rock bands of all time. As such, members of the iconic band, Guns N’ Roses, feature in this entertaining slot game from NetEnt. Plenty of bonus features and, as you would probably expect, a great soundtrack, make this a must play for any rock fan. Read ahead and play the game at Slotsbaby.com afterwards.

Guns N’ Roses Slot Summary

We love how slot games can take inspiration from almost any theme imaginable and this here from NetEnt is an example of a slot game doing just that. The Guns N’ Roses slot game is surely one of the most uniquely themed online gambling titles out there, as the famous rock band come to the reels in style.

There are 5 reels and 20 pay lines to work with in this all action slot game and betting starts from 20p. That is way cheaper than getting a ticket to see these guys live in the flesh. A jackpot of 2000 times your stake, however, makes for a really interesting end goal should you get every note right on the night playing the Guns N’ Roses Slot.

Axl Rose and Slash feature in the game, making it a really exciting prospect for anyone who is a massive fan of this iconic band. Bonuses are really well worked into the game and the theme, too, making for a welcome switch up from the main gameplay and also bringing you deeper into the world of Guns N’ Roses as you spin the reels and earn this extra features.

Look out for wilds, scatters and random bonuses as you play what is an exceptionally designed online slot game with some really good graphics, too. A thrashing soundtrack, guitars, tattoos and top hats, make this a really on brand effort from Guns N’ Roses and, even if you are not overly familiar with the decades and decades worth of music that this rock band have, you can still enjoy the brilliant online gambling game on offer.

NetEnt – Developers of Guns N’ Roses Slot

When a developer does a job as good as this, they deserve some praise. The developers of online slot games can tend to be the unsung heroes at times, for it is they who design the titles that we all know, love and play, yet we recognise each game by the features they offer, the theme they use or the jackpot up for grabs. This, in fairness, is probably the sign of a good slot game, but for those who like to dig a little deeper into the world of online slots, you will notice that there are a few developers who consistently create some of the best loved title.

NetEnt or Net Entertainment as they are also known, is certainly one of the most esteemed developers of slot games out there today in what I a terrifically competitive environment. It is they who had been tasked with creating a slot game worthy of bearing the great Guns N’ Roses name and they lived up to the task with this, the Guns N’ Roses Slot.

NetEnt always deliver great graphics and a sense of fun to their slots. Both are present here along with superb attention to detail when it comes to the theme. We do not know how many Guns N’ Roses fans work in the NetEnt office, but either they have the band’s music on a whole lot in the office or they really know how to do their research, because there are lots of great references made in the design of this game.

 As one of the more innovative developers of online slot games that there is, you will not be surprised to hear that the majority of NetEnt’s online slot game catalogue can be found and enjoyed via smartphone.

Playing Guns N’ Roses Slot

You can really get straight into this game very quickly and this is one thing we really like about the Guns N’ Roses Slot. Betting starts at just 20p and goes all the way up to £100, so there is a lot of room to work with here in terms of a betting margin. This opens up the game to gamblers of all levels, meaning that even the highest rollers can get a kick out of the reels and tunes that are spinning this rocking slot.

Look out for wilds and expanding wilds as you spin, for these will be quite likely to help you increase your chances of winning and winning big. Look out for the band members both on the reels and in the backdrop of this very detailed slot game that pays tribute to one of the best loved rock bands of all time. Fans of the band will be chuffed to know that you can choose a song from Guns N’ Roses to listen to whilst you spin, with five of their hits to pick from on the screen.

Guns N’ Roses Slot Bonus Features and Free Spins

The bonus features are a real strength of this slot game and all in all, there are no less than six bonus features to work with. They are a very diverse set of bonuses, ranging from random bonuses that give you instant advantages and free spins, as well.

The Appetite For Destruction Wild bonus sees a cross-shaped wild cover more of the reels and hopefully align for symbols. The solo multiplier works as a random bonus, occasionally multiplying the winning score of a winning line by either 4x or 10x. The Encore Bonus Feature may just be the best of the lot though, offering the chance to choose a bonus for yourself that could see you get free spins or multiply your stake bet by thirty.

Verdict on Guns N’ Roses Slot

If you are a fan of the band, then you simply have to play this slot. Even if you are not, there is plenty to enjoy with great graphics and diverse bonus features.

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