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Snapchat For Android Getting Performance Improvements Next Week And More Updates This Year, Says CEO

Snapchat for Android is apparently set to become a lot better in the future, with some performance improvements coming next week and more upgrades slated for later this year.

The move to bet more on Android is likely part of Snap‘s bid to drive user growth outside of the United States, and offering a quality Android app would be essential to this purpose.

Snapchat Quality On Android

Snapchat is widely popular in the United States, but apparently it’s not doing all that great in other markets across the world, where many consumers use Android devices. Even in the United States, while Android is definitely one of the most popular operating systems, most Snapchat users run iOS.

This could be a result of the performance and stability issues plaguing the Snapchat for Android app, argues The Information. The theory is not too farfetched, as the Snapcht app on Android has indeed suffered some issues and users have been complaining about its performance for a good while now.

Snapchat For Android Getting Updates

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel is not one to frequently make public appearances or give interviews, but he has taken to Reddit to respond to user concerns and promise that the future of Snapchat for Android is looking brighter.

In one of several Snapchat-related Reddit threads, users have been complaining that the Snapchat app on Android has dropped in quality and Spiegel took this as an opportunity to announce plans to improve the app.

Snap is apparently aware of the disappointing performance of Snapchat for Android and has decided to take a number of measures to enhance the user experience. With this in mind, some long-overdue updates are just around the corner.

“We hear you. Significant Android performance improvements coming early next week, more to follow through the end of the year :),” Spiegel wrote on Reddit.

Snap IPO

As Android Headlines points out, Snap reportedly gave free Android smartphones to its workers and hired more Android developers as well. The promise of improvements on the Android front come hot on the heels of Snap’s initial public offering (IPO), which has been in the works for a good while now.

The company is going public in a bid to raise $3 billion so it could keep fueling its impressive growth. The stakes are higher than ever and Snap needs to do all it can not only to attract more potential investors, but also to appeal to a wider demographic. A bigger bet on Android could help the company expand its user base in the United States as well as globally, but the quality of the app is paramount.

It remains to be seen how things will pan out and what significant upgrades Snapchat has in mind for its Android app, but for starters the upcoming performance improvements set to roll out early next week should mark an important step forward in the right direction. Subsequent updates later this year will likely bring even more performance and stability improvements, but some new tricks and features could be in the mix as well.

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