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Super Retro Boy At CES 2017: Here's A Closer Look At The Game Boy Remake

Retro-Bit has finally taken the wraps off Super Retro Boy, its version of the classic Game Boy at CES 2017 — and it certainly got nostalgic retro gamers excited.

The Super Retro-Boy has the same boxy design that the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance sported. Other than the lack of shoulder buttons that the GBA had, longer battery life, and a shatter-resistant screen, Retro-Bit was able to fit the best of the three handheld consoles into the Super Retro Boy.

The design is faithful to the original Game Boys, which means there is no way for players to plug it in to a larger screen. The Super Retro Boy is not pre-loaded with any game since it is dependent on Game Boy cartridges. It can run game cartridges from all three Game Boy versions. This is good news for retro gamers who managed to keep and take care of their old games. For those without cartridges, Innex has got you covered with three Jaleco game collection cartridges.

Experts have given their verdict on the Super Retro Boy after a hands-on demonstration at CES 2017. Find out if the handheld gaming system is worth your $79.99.

Matthew Byrd – Den of Geek

Matthew Byrd‘s only issue with the Super Retro Boy is the lack of shoulder buttons since these are necessary in some retro games. However, he is generally upbeat with everything else the handheld device has to offer.

“This handheld is able to play every original Game Boy game ever made. However, it can also play every Game Boy Color game and every Game Boy Advance title. It even lets you play all of those games with a slightly better resolution thanks to the device’s enhanced LED screen.”

Will Greenwald – PCMag

Will Greenwald is just as excited about the Super Retro Boy as other retro gamers are; however, he also focused on the length of time a player can use the device.

“The Super Retro Boy is even more appealing, and it warms the cockles of my old-school gaming heart. It’s a retro game system shaped like a Nintendo Game Boy, with a color, backlit LCD screen and the ability to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges […] Innex says it can run for up to 10 hours. That’s at least 8 AAs worth of Game Boy gaming.”

Dieter Bohn – The Verge

Using the Super Retro Boy was definitely nostalgic for Dieter Bohn not only because of its design but also because of the bittersweet memories that came along with still being unable to win in the game he played.

“The prototype I played felt satisfyingly chunky and the plastic had a familiar texture to it […] It’s able to play cartridges designed for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. I played through a level of F-Zero for Game Boy Advance and I learned that I am just as bad at this game today as I was years ago. The good news is that it just worked and the feeling of the controls was solid, even on this early model.”

And, by the way, the Super Retro Boy also won the “Best in Gaming Gear” award at CES 2017.

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