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Facebook: The Legal Update

By Sarita Pereira:

In this article, I will discuss the recent legal updates associated with Facebook (NASDAQ:FB).

Austrian class action lawsuit

Facebook Ireland is responsible for processing user data outside the U.S. and Canada. In August 2014, Max Schrems announced a suit of Facebook Ireland for violation of data protection and privacy laws. The list of violations include the privacy policy, participation in the PRISM program, tracking on webpages via the Like button, Facebook’s graph search, apps on Facebook, “big data” systems that spy on users or the non-compliance with access requests.

Schrems has invited all Facebook adult users residing outside the U.S. and Canada to participate in the class action lawsuit filed in Vienna, Austria. The website www.fbclaim.com is designed for this purpose. Roland ProzessFinanz, a German legal financing provider will fund the legal cost of this lawsuit. In return, Roland ProzessFinanz will get 20% of the awarded amount, if the

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