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'Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare' Running On PS4 Pro At 4K: Here's How It Performs [Video]

The PlayStation 4 Pro launched on Thursday, a significant graphical bump over its predecessor, PlayStation 4. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is one of the many games poised to take advantage of its 4K capability this early, and its performance has now been put to the test.

Despite veering slightly off-center from its past iterations, COD: Infinite Warfare is still, at its core, a Call of Duty game, retaining the bulk of borrowed elements embedded in the original series.

Seeing the game run on a native resolution of 4K is nothing short of immersive and graphically magnificent, with arresting visuals to give justice to its turbulent and high-octane gameplay. If anything, 4K actually enhances the game beyond solely standing as a complementary finish. DigitalFoundry has put the game’s 4K gameplay to its mettle, running it on the PS4 Pro. Let’s find out how the game stacks up.

How Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Performs In 4K

DigitalFoundry, always the dependable go-to channel for extensive deep-diving into console and video game performance, has uploaded a new video showing COD: Infinite Warfare in its 4K glory.

Can the game still run at native 60 fps now that the resolution has been significantly bumped? Was the PS4 Pro up to the task of running the game without any hiccups throughout? Eurogamer was able to test previous builds of the game in the past, where the single-player mode proved to be not without its snags. Multiplayer mode was a notch better, but was still a measly improvement, with frame drops during certain action-packed moments.

With the final release code for COD: Infinite Warfare for the PS4, those snags seem to have been ironed out. DigitalFoundry’s video shows the improved multiplayer performance along with the campaign mode also faring well.

Previously, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game used a horizontal upscaler to bump the resolution up to 1080p. The PS4 Pro utilizes a different resolution, going all the way up to 2160p or 4K. The dynamic resolution scaling reduces rendering load in the game’s elements-heavy areas while sustaining a steady frame rate, which is a pretty impressive feat.

Frame rate was tested to be very consistent, even during COD: Infinite Warfare‘s loaded environments. The aesthetic aspect of the game also yielded stunning results. The resolution scaling on the console made the pixel count changes virtually impossible to notice. You can see more of this in the video below.

Call Of Duty‘s Evolution

Apart from the host of significant graphical improvements in the game, many Call of Duty purists have heralded COD: Infinite Warfare as staunchly different from the mainline series, despite retaining core mechanics and elements that make it a solid Call of Duty title.

Several elements prove this bit, with the added space shooter element deterring loyalists from regarding it as faithful to the franchise. But as with many games, Call of Duty is continuously evolving. To an outsider who isn’t aware of the changes, COD: Infinite Warfare‘s off-franchise elements are non-issues. In fact, they make the game more complex now that it packs a wider sandbox to toy around with.

The PS4 Pro is available now. It costs $399 and Sony has a list of retailers offering the machine at its site.

Have you played Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the PS4 Pro? Feel free to share us your thoughts!

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