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Are You A Morning Person? Here’s How To Simplify Your Morning Routine To Boost Productivity

Morning people should avoid working late at night since insufficient sleeping hours paired with virtual increase in the total time spent awake in a day, can unfavorably affect the functioning of the human brain, says study.

The Brain Experiment On Continual Sleeplessness And Visual Concentration

The study published in journal Experimental Brain Research, was conducted by researchers from National Research University Higher School of Economics and Oxford University, Nicola Barclay and Andriy Myachykov. It states that sleep deprivation adversely influences the attention functions of the human brain.

Two groups of good sleepers, with 13 males and 13 females of average age 25, underwent the experiment on continuous sleeplessness and visual concentration. The volunteers were made to stay wakeful for a stretch of 18 hours (8 a.m. to 2 a.m.) and follow their daily routine. At the start and end of their wakeful time, the volunteers had to complete an Attention Network Test (ANT) and a survey on Morningness- Eveningness.

Morning People Sacrifice Accuracy Over Speed While Working At Night

The experiment revealed that the outcome of morning ANTs were not much different for both morning and evening people. But, there was a noticeable difference between the results of evening ANTs. The early risers surprisingly completed the test faster than the evening people, but they made more mistakes than the latter, dropping their efficiency.

The outcome of the experiment stated that evening people are more efficient, but slower than the morning people, when working late at night.

“On the one hand, it’s known that night owls are more efficient in the late hours, but how this influences the speed and accuracy with which attention-related tasks are completed remains unclear,” said Myachykov.

While the study gives an insight on how morning people perform at night it is a well-known fact that being a morning person is good for ones’ health as well as career. Here are few tips on how a morning person can increase his productivity for good.

Tips To For Morning People To Be Productive

For a good start, prepare for the morning the night before as much as possible. To start with, decide the outfit, press and make it ready for the next day before going to bed.

Cut fruits and vegetables, soak cereals the night before just not to waste time in the morning. Switch on the audio system because listening to good music in the morning will keep a person energetic throughout the day.

Switch on your phone after bathing, dressing, and eating. It is necessary to have a distraction-free breakfast. Don’t forget to take the bag, wallet, and keys when leaving home and make sure to leave it in the same place every day once back home.

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