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RTA Customers Council mulls improvement of schools transport services

09 December 2016

The Roads and Transport Authority – Nashwan Atta’ee:

The Customers Service Council of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has explored in its 70th session held recently with the parties concerned with school transport various services provided by the RTA. The Council engaged in discussions and exchanged ideas & suggestions that will improve the business process and serve the public interest.

Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, Member of RTA Board of Executive Directors cum Chairman of Customers Council, chaired the session, which, was held in RTA’s Head Office. Attendees included Dr. Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC); Mohammed Al Dhahoori, Director of School Transport at DTC; Ahmed Mahboub, Director of Customers Service; and several representatives of school transport operators and some of RTA employees.

Al Mulla opened the session by thanking clients for caring to respond to the invitation to attend customers’ council gathering to express their views, comments, suggestions and ambitions, which will contribute to better services and more happiness to people. He also welcomed the executives of companies engaged in the school transport sector, school managements, and parents. Starting the session, Al Mulla reiterated the continued attention of RTA leaders to the school transport sector. He noted that the objective of holding customers council sessions was to identify the level of services provided by the RTA to clients in a bid to improve the quality of services offered and bring more happiness to all community segments.


The Council made several recommendations including directing the Public Transport Agency to study allowing school buses to use the dedicated bus and taxi lanes to avoid traffic congestion and the late arrival of students to their homes & schools. The Council also recommended the Traffic and Roads Agency to study allowing school buses use the Airport Tunnel in both directions to avoid the late arrival of students, and reduce the operational and financial costs of buses of School Transport Department; which gives RTA’s school buses an edge in service offering.

The Council recommended directing the School Transport Department at the Dubai Taxi Corporation to expedite the offering of smart apps and e-services via smartphones to make it easy for parents & school track buses en routes and reduce the response time during emergencies. The DTC is recommended to hold training workshops to raise the awareness of school bus drivers and supervisors on the etiquette of dealing with parents in order to offer them convenient services and make them happier.

The Council also recommended the concerned bodies to consider issuing an order for a streamlined implementation of the school transport law. Such a step will improve the quality of school transport services in the Emirate, and reduce the operational costs; which will raise the satisfaction and happiness rating of the community and at the same time enable operators to get a fair profit rate in line with the best practices worldwide. It is noteworthy that the Knowledge & Human Development Authority and other entities are supportive of this development.

During the gathering, a visual presentation was made showcasing the services of the DTC; which oversees the running of school transport services. The presentation highlighted the information, laws and procedures adopted as well as the electronic & smart apps and services of school transport services sector.

Al Mulla concluded by urging parents and all parties concerned with these services to use the smart apps on all RTA services.


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