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CES 2017: Dell's Canvas 27 Gives Your Windows 10 PC The Microsoft Surface Studio Treatment

Remember the Surface Studio that recently made quite a splash for introducing several new ways in interacting with our desktops? Well, Dell also has one and you may be sure that the company is showing it off at CES 2017.

Dell Canvas vs. Surface Studio

Simply called as Dell Canvas, it is also a touchscreen device that can pair excellently with a stylus and the Totem, Dell’s own version of Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Dial. Dell also states that the Dial itself will also work with the display technology.

The company has underscored that it has been working on this particular technology way before the Studio was announced. It will, therefore, not appreciate being called a copycat. This device has also been widely rumored several months ago.

Indeed, the Dell Canvas offers key distinctions. Unlike the Surface Studio with its built-in CPU, for instance, the Canvas is not an all-in-one PC. It is a monitor, which means that you can enjoy a number of the Studio features for less because you can use your current computing rig with it.

Interestingly, Microsoft seems perfectly fine with the Dell Canvas’ release. While some expect to see patent suits getting thrown about, Microsoft is even pleased with the development. According to Chris Capossela, chief marketing officer at Microsoft, the Surface Studio’s primary goal is to create a new device category, so Dell is helping it achieve this ambition.

Canvas Specs

For those interested about the spec sheet, you will not be disappointed. It has a crisp quad-HD 27-inch IPS panel and packs 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. It is also capable of 20 points of touch, allowing up to three people to work on the surface at the same time.

(Photo : Dell)

The Canvas will ship with the Fences software, which Stardock exclusively made for Dell. Some expect that it will also work more seamlessly with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update with its new concepts such as the 3D Paint.

Design And Compatibility

As to the physical design, it is not quite sleek as the Surface Studio on account of the large bezels. Dell, however, pointed out that artists — its target market — prefer this as it provides room to rest their hands while working on the Canvas.

You will also find that there are only orientation options. The Canvas can be tilted like an easel or laid on its back. A stand that can offer more display angles will be sold separately.

Dell has not outlined the minimum system requirements for the technology and its dedicated softwares to work effectively. One should remember that the screen size, including the functions, would be quite demanding and could call for higher-end graphics card.

So far the company has only said that as long as your desktop runs Windows 10, the Canvas is compatible.

It will retail for $1,799 and will begin hitting store shelves on March 30.

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