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Tucker Carlson gets a Fox promotion, Greta Van Susteren gets an MSNBC gig

A revolving door of cable news show hosts continued spinning Thursday as Tucker Carlson got a new gig at Fox News, while former colleague Greta Van Sustern got a new home at MSNBC.

Two days after Megyn Kelly announced she was leaving a popular Fox perch for NBC News, Fox moved quickly and promoted Carlson to her prime-time spot. That leaves its primary evening line-up resembling an all-white male media country club, at least during its most-watched time periods.

Van Susteren left Fox last year amid what was said to be partial chagrin over allegations of then-Fox boss Roger Ailes’ treatment of women. The attorney-turned-cable pundit-turned show host had originally come from CNN. Now she will have spun a cable trifecta.

She was replaced at 7 p.m. eastern by Carlson. Now she’ll get an hour at 6 p.m. Eastern, to be called, “For the Record” and based in Washington, where she lives.

In a message to staff, MSNBC chief Phil Griffin said, “As you all know, Greta is a true pro with a proven record of tough journalism. Her broad range of experience and sharp news judgment will be of great value to MSNBC as we build on our momentum going into a new year and a new administration.”

Carlson will get Kelly’s 9 p.m. Eastern period, where Kelly oversaw a sharp rise in audience in recent years. He will be succeeded in the 7 p.m. slot by Martha MacCallum.

That would appear to leave CNN’s Don Lemon as the lone non-white cable TV news host in prime time.

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