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Why Many Loved The Nokia 3310: Here's A Look Back Before The Nokia Comeback

Maybe not even Nokia could have guessed just how big of a success the Nokia 3310 would be when the company released it in 2000.

At the time, the indestructible bar of a cell phone that allowed people to take chats and group chats on the go paved the way for modern mobile communication and permanently changed the way people perceived mobile phones.

Designed and marketed specifically for the younger people and the young at heart at the turn of the millennium, the 3310 was loved by many of its users — so much so that HMD Global has announced that a modern version of the Nokia 3310 will be launched along with three other mobile phones at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

While we wait until the end of the month for the unveiling of the new 3310, let’s take a look at some of the many reasons why the Nokia 3310 captured the hearts of many.

Unique Design

Probably the first thing that caught many people’s attention when the Nokia 3310 was first launched was its unique design, matched perfectly with the customizable chat feature that comes with it. The 3310 is easy to use and features customizable ringtones, wallpapers and welcome message. Even before smart phones gave us the ability to showcase our individuality, the 3310 paved the way especially with exchangeable front and back covers.


Before mobile internet games, the Nokia 3310 planted the seeds with addicting games such as Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi. Though the 3310 came before the era of color camera phones and touchscreens, it did not deny its users hours of fun in the form of challenging and sometimes frustrating games that had many comparing high scores.

Space Impact on the Nokia 3310

(Photo : Space Impact PC | YouTube) Space Impact on the Nokia 3310

Battery Life

Probably a drawback of having mobile phones that could practically do anything is shorter battery life. Back when the 3310 was first launched, its removable 900 mAH battery could give its users up to 260 hours of battery life on stand-by and up to over four hours of talk time. It’s easy to say that current smart phones boast of the same, if not better, battery life but back then the 3310 provided more than the ample battery life for its many excellent functions.

Unnecessary Warranty

Just like other mobile phone purchases, the Nokia 3310 came with a limited warranty. However, almost two decades after its release, the 3310 still proves that no warranty is required to keep it alive as it is now known as an indestructible phone. In fact, the Nokia 3310 is so widely known for its strength and reliability that people have been putting the device under extreme tests just to see how much the phone can handle before it breaks.

The Nokia 3310 has become an iconic device since its launch almost two decades ago. It is still unclear just how much the soon to be re-launched Nokia 3310 will resemble the mobile phone that many continue to love, but it still has many excited over the Nokia 3310’s upgrade and makeover.

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