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Roche Breast Cancer Drug Shows Positive Results In Clinical Trials

Roche Holding AG the Swiss-based multinational health care company recently conducted a clinical trial with breast cancer patients using its new Perjeta drug in combination with Herceptin and chemotherapy.

The trial yielded positive results on the patients. Researchers at the company believe that this success in trial may help them in elevating the sales of its new Perjeta drug and will also help in dealing with the imminent competition for its Herceptin cancer drug.

Herceptin, launched in 1998, when combined with Perjeta and chemotherapy can reduce the frequency of recurrence of breast cancer or death due to it when compared to the earlier use of only Herceptin and chemo.

Breast Cancer In U.S.

The statistical data shows that about 12 percent of U.S. women are likely to develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. It is estimated that 255,180 new cases of breast cancer and 63,410 non-invasive breast cancers will be diagnosed in women in U.S. in 2017, with 2,470 breast cancer cases diagnosed in men.

Although death rates due to breast cancer have decreased since 1989, it is expected that nearly 40,610 women in U.S. will die due to the disease in 2017. The decrease was the result of advancement in treatment and early detection of the disease.

The Clinical Trial

The trial was performed on a woman, suffering from breast cancer known as HER-2 positive. The treatment with drugs was followed by a tumor-removal surgery.

Positive Results Of Drug

It is believed that earlier regime of Herceptin and chemotherapy did not prove as successful as when combined with the new Perjeta drug for the treatment of breast cancer.

The Basel is a Switzerland-based drug giant. It reportedly said that the treatment of early-stage breast cancer patients with chemotherapy, coupled with the drugs Herceptin and Perjeta, helped patients live longer. It also reduced the relapse of the disease in the patients. Consequently, the drug maker is aiming to suggest the doctors for the use of this combination..

Effect Of Successful Trial

Perjeta drug in combination with Herceptin, was tested on early-stages breast cancer patients with the aggressive HER 2 positive breast cancer. The positive result of the test is likely to expand the potential market for the new Perjeta drug.

Andrew Baum, a Citi analyst estimated that the successful trail of the Perjeta drug would increase its sales by $2 billion a year. Reports suggest that the drug generated revenue of $1.8 billion in 2016.

Perjeta coupled with Herceptin, for advanced breast cancer treatment, can extend survival period and can even delay the treatment period. The combo has helped in boosting the sales of Herceptin as well. Herceptin managed to generate revenue of $F6.8 billion in 2016.

“These results from the positive Aphinity study represent an important addition to the body of data for Perjeta in the treatment of people with HER2-positive early breast cancer,” said Sandra Horning, Roche’s chief medical officer.

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