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Man beheaded in Dubai’s The Springs over family dispute in Pakistan, court hears

DUBAI // Two men are accused of beheading their compatriot in revenge for the victim’s brother killing one of their brothers back in Pakistan.

Prosecutors said that they used axes on the morning of December 31 last year to attack the man, who was on his bicycle in The Springs area in Dubai.

A passing jogger saw the dead body and called police.

“It was about 9.30am when I saw it. I noticed a car speeding off but I didn’t have the chance to write down the plate number,” said the witness, whose age and nationality were not given.

“They struck him down then repeatedly hit him on the head and neck with the axes, cutting his head off,” said an Emirati police officer, 37.

He added that investigations revealed that the family of the victim and the family of one of the defendants are in a major dispute over a plot of land back in Pakistan.

“We managed to find out that the brother of the deceased killed the brother of the defendant back in Pakistan, after which the defendant threatened his victim that he would kill him if he ever saw him,” added the officer.

He said that, during questioning, the defendant admitted he was enraged by the victim’s “carelessness” and decided to kill him.

The duo, who are both farmers, allegedly waited for their victim and then knocked him down from his bike using their car before chopping his head off with the axe.

“They took a car to Dragon Mart, where they got themselves new clothes and discarded the bloodied ones then took a taxi to Ajman, where they met with a friend and asked for his help to hide them,” said the officer.

The friend in Ajman refused to hide them but gave them Dh3,000, which they took and headed to Al Ain, from where they tried to flee to Oman but were arrested.

The dead man was found with his feet still stuck in the peddles of his bike, his body lying on his back and his head detached.

The accused, both aged 33, denied a premeditated murder charge at Dubai Criminal Court on Thursday.

The next hearing will be on June 8.

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