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The Elixir Clinic in Abu Dhabi adds IV Laser to its range of vitamin drips

When The Elixir Clinic in Al Marina held its grand opening earlier this year, mixed in among the vitamin drips, the immune therapy concoctions, the detox and the weight-loss offerings, several people were hooked up to nothing but a beam of light.

They were experiencing – and raving about – IV Laser therapy, a low-level intravenous laser infusion only available at the company’s Abu Dhabi branch. A German physician, Dr Michael Weber, who is at the forefront of this field, even travelled to the UAE in December to help the clinic staff prepare to launch the therapy.

The idea is that the laser “irradiates” the blood’s different cells, with purported benefits including cell regeneration, detoxification, improved sleep, mood and sport performance and reduction in pain, fatigue, depression – even tinnitus. There are applications for more serious health problems too, including heart problems, diabetes and tumours.

Anyone having an IV at The Elixir Clinic must first have a full medical history was taken by one of the clinic’s general practitioners.

The centre’s registered nurses are pros at inserting the intravenous needle. In my case they switched to a butterfly needle in my hand once they had a good look at the too-tiny veins by my elbow crease, inserting it relatively painlessly.

Although the laser light used looked red, it was actually a mix of a red beam– which is used to energise, strengthen the immune system, boost cell activity and circulation – and blue, with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits, as well as pain relief.

Once the laser was “flowing” there was no pain and no real sensation – not even the cold or slight ache created by a liquid IV.

I couldn’t get over the fact that there was nothing but red light entering my vein – and that light could be seen shining from under my skin. The entire laser IV treatment takes under an hour and while I went in to my one and only session feeling dehydrated, with a headache and extremely tired, I left noticeably refreshed, peppy and alert.

The treatment is anything but cheap – Dh1,300 per session – but I felt so energised upon leaving that it is well worth a try, provided that kind of money is not an object.

• IV Laser therapy is only available at the Abu Dhabi branch of The Elixir Clinic for Dh1,300 per session; six treatments taken on a weekly basis are recommended following an consultation with a doctor (Dh350). For more information or to book call 800 Elixir (354947), email [email protected] or go to The Elixir Clinic.

This review was done at the invitation of The Elixir Clinic.

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