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The most sought-after jobs in the United Arab Emirates

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Nowadays, many young recent graduates decide to take a chance and try their luck in a foreign country to look for job offers. One of the favourite destinations is the Middle East, because the salary offered there is quite high.

One of the places that hires the most foreigners is the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, if you think you might have the profile that the country’s famous recruiters are looking for and you want to know what are the most demanded professions there, read on to find out.

The main skills you need to have in order to be considered are speaking English or Arabic, excellent leadership skills and the ability to work in a team.

The most sought-after professions in the United Arab Emirates


  • Pilots and cabin crew. This is becoming one of the most popular professions, and Emirates Airlines is always looking for new people to join their staff. Many pilots from all over the world have accepted the job offers they offer because of the large salary they can expect. They are also constantly on the lookout for cabin crew.
  • Financial services professionals. There are a large number of vacancies for financial workers in positions such as accountants and risk analysts. This is because many of the larger institutions expand their influence in countries such as the UAE and need to fill vacancies. Thus, the high demand for this type of work makes the salary packages exorbitant and very tempting for those who want to try their luck working abroad.
  • Managerial positions. Those who are lucky enough to be able to fill one of these positions can do so in one of the new companies being created in the country, or in the multinationals arriving in the area, attracted by the incredible economic situation. Such companies need to hire highly qualified professionals, so they focus on recruiting foreign workers and offer them fairly high salaries.
  • Manpower in the oil industry. The country is one of the leading powers when it comes to oil companies. This is a good opportunity for those who are less qualified to work in one of these companies.
  • Hotel staff. The tourism sector has always been one where you can find the most job opportunities, if you know the languages required. From hotel receptionists and bellboys to cleaning and maintenance staff.
  • Waiters and waitresses. The UAE has a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment and leisure facilities, especially at night. Venues are forced to hire waiters and bartenders, as well as cooks and waiters for hotels.
  • Health personnel. This sector is one of the most sought-after in the country. This is because the ratio of population per doctor is very low and the numbers need to improve. More than 100,000 vacancies for doctors and nurses need to be filled in the coming years.
  • Construction workers. As the sector is currently booming, there are always job offers for people specialising in electrical installations, plumbing or industrial machinery and civil engineering.

The jobs of the future in the United Arab Emirates

Today, there is a demand for specialised jobs related to technology and advances in the sector. This would lead to the emergence of unconventional jobs that are only just emerging in a number of countries.

Since the global lockdown a couple of years ago, the way of working has changed. More and more jobs are now remote and companies are starting to give this option to their employees. Moreover, new jobs are appearing online. For example, the casino sector has grown so much that online casinos UAE offers recommendations for the best and safest online casinos in the UAE, safety tips and of course the best bonuses. But to enjoy this sector, there is a whole team at work behind the scenes. Nowadays you can also play with a live dealer, to make the experience that much more real. This might be one of the jobs of the future, when the high demand of players might want to enjoy the game as if they were at a real casino table.

IT security analysts will also be needed, together with highly paid application and computer systems developers. The accounting and finance sector will also need to fill vacancies in positions such as finance directors, financial planning and analysis managers, and financial analysts.

If you have come this far and think you have a good chance of filling one of the most sought-after positions in the UAE, why not to try your luck? And if you are still not convinced, wait a few years to be part of the technological future of one of the richest countries in the world.

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