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Turkey’s industry muscle on show at Win Eurasia

|By K Raveendran| Going by the pace at which machinery automation is advancing, the day does not appear to be a long way off when self-working machines carry out complicated and high-skilled operations without manual intervention.

The Win Eurasia Metal Working Fair in Istanbul held during 11-14 February provided clear insights into the evolving trends in this area and the rapid strides Turkish machinery manufacturing industry is making in this regard.

Turkey is the sixth largest manufacturer of machinery in Europe and exports to more than 200 destinations. Machinery manufacturing is consistently increasing its contribution to the Turkish economy in recent years and was worth over $26 billion in 2014, according to official sources. Machinery and accessories constitute the second largest sector after vehicles in Turkish exports. Machinery automation is currently a key focus of the industry in Turkey.

The highlight of the fairs’ opening ceremony itself was the thrust on industrial automation. Officials of fair organizer Deutsche Messe and government representatives all harped on the theme that the ultimate objective behind any machinery is the enhancement of human life and experience. Self-working machines would be a key milestone in the quest for this initiative. Industrial production without human intervention is the fourth phase of industrial revolution, which is currently under way, it was noted.

Exhibitors at the fair explained how Turkey enjoyed a unique advantage in terms of engineering technology due to its affinity with German technology, which traditionally has had Turkey as a destination for outsourcing its manufacturing requirements. At the same time, Turkish engineering technology comes at a much lower cost than Germany although in terms of quality it is almost at par. China may be offering technology still cheaper, but it is nowhere near Turkey in terms of quality and this makes Turkey an ideal player as technology source.

Win Eurasia Metalworking reinforced its innovative status in the industry not only with the products displayed, but also with its special sections and activities.  In addition to the Robotics and [email protected] special sections organized last year for the first time, two new special areas were organized this year. The fair brought together the sheet processing and surface treatment industry with the automotive industry in the special section named Automotive Supply Chain. The event also focused on the innovations made in the surface treatment technology through various forums.

According to Alexander Kuhnel, General Manager of Hannover Messe Bileşim Fuarcılık, organizers of the fair, the show sought to bring together the manufacturing industry with innovative products on one hand, and address matters which will shape the future of the industry by bringing together the stakeholders on the other.

The increasing significance of robotic technologies in the manufacturing processes was the highlight of the Robotics section, organized in collaboration with the Industrial Automation Industrialists Association (Enosad). The show brought together 14 companies, which showcased their robotic solutions and saw over 20 presentations being made on Robot Technologies in the Manufacturing industry, Advanced Robotic Applications, Smart Factories and Industry 4. The companies included Halıcı, E3 Tam, EMF Motor, Entek Otomasyon, Festo, Gunmak, HKTM-Hidropar, Kuka Roboter Cee, Mitsubishi Elektrik Turkey, Nachi Europe, Schunk Intec, Staubli, Yaskawa Turkey and Fanuk Turkey.

Making yet another innovation, Win Eurasia Metalworking demonstrarted the role of the metal and surface treatment industry in automotive production live on the production line to be created with the Automotive Supply Chain section, organized for the first time. The event saw several presentations being made on cutting, processing, shaping, welding and connection, marking, painting and surface treatment.

Under the Trade Mission Program of the Ministry of Economy, the event hosted buyers delegation group and editors group from Cameroon, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and the UAE, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Slovenia. The editor’s group from the UAE was represented by the Arabian Post, while the Iranian buyers group was headed by A Parvin, representing the Iran Industrial Manufacturing Assocaition(SATSA).



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