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Winter in Dubai: Fun Things to Do

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People go to Dubai to have fun, relax, and unwind, but it can get extremely hot. If this has always been a hindrance to you, then you can visit during winter. The temperatures are quite low, and you can enjoy the things you couldn’t during summer.

Why Visit Dubai in Winter

Winter is the perfect time to visit Dubai because the temperatures are bearable. It is almost impossible to be outdoors during the summer in Dubai without getting ugly sunburns and dehydration. However, during winter, you can stay out to enjoy the cool breeze.

If you want to have a new year full of fun activities, then you have to visit Dubai during the winter. The city is known to outdo itself in each festivity. You can spend this time at the beach or in one of the best hotels in Dubai, watching the Burj Khalifa fireworks.

Also, almost all the best events happen in winter. This is one way the city keeps residents and tourists entertained. The events could have different themes, such as fitness, food, fashion, or music.

Fun Things to Do

(Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/kite-surf-sea-sport-kiteboarding-4350095/)

There is no shortage of things to do in Dubai during the winter. The following fun activities will keep you on your feet during your visit:

Desert Safari

Most people love going on desert safari during winter in Dubai because the conducive temperatures allow them to do many fun activities. You can go with friends, family, or alone. You can go quad bike riding and navigate the desert. Sand skiing is also popular; you can glide through on the sand and explore the high dunes in the beautiful Dubai deserts. Other fun activities include camel riding, dune bashing, and henna tattoos.

Explore the Miracle Garden

The best thing about visiting Dubai in winter is that you don’t have to stay indoors. You might be staying at the best hotels in Ras Al Kahimah; however, you have to go out and enjoy the weather. One of the most beautiful places to explore is the Miracle Garden.

The garden is most beautiful from mid-November to mid-May when the flowers that occupy the 72,000 sqm fill the place with sweet scents and various colors. Seeing the 150 million flowers coming to life will awe you. The flowers don’t just grow in a field; they are designed and shaped into different structures.

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai garden glow is a place of art and wonder. The garden consists of beautiful creations designed by the best artists. The garden has dinosaurs, flowers, igloos, and many more fun objects which are illuminated.

This is your time to enjoy 4 different themes in one place. The glow park which is the largest glow-in-dark garden will fascinate you. It is designed with millions of energy-saving light bulbs and recycled luminous fabric.

The dinosaur park, which is the largest dinosaur park, is mostly famous with kids, and it displays over 120 animatronic dinosaurs. The ice park creates a polar-like climate in the desert, and the magic park creates amazing optical illusions which take your selfie game higher.

Kite Beach

After relaxing in the best hotels in Dubai, you ought to go out for an adventure. If you are a water sports lover, then you need to check out the kite beach. Apart from .enjoying the sun and wading on the shore you can engage in fun activities.

You can go kite surfing, which is an exciting activity for thrill-lovers. Ride through the waves on your surface and enjoy the breeze, and water on your face. You can also get kite surfing lessons if you are a newbie.

If kite surfing is too hard for you, you can go paddle boarding. You can go alone or with friends for more fun. You don’t have to carry your lunch because there are many food trucks at the beach serving various delicacies.

You can also go running or cycling on the 14km track designed for this purpose. This is a good place to keep up with your cardio exercise away from the gym. The XDubai Skatepark is an excellent place to show off your skating skills. There are bowls, slopes, and rails for you to enjoy the skill.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

You might wonder what fun activities you can do in the desert. Hot air balloon rides in Dubai are unique compared to other cities and places. You will have a magical experience as you view sand dunes, emerald green oases, camels, gazelles, onyx, and the blue ocean. One of the best parts is experiencing the sunrise over the Hajjar Mountains as it bathes your face with its warmth.


You can visit Dubai at any time; however, winter is the best season to do so. The temperatures are bearable, and there are many fun activities and events happening during winter. This is the most exciting time in Dubai because you can spend time outdoors without dehydrating or getting sunburns.


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