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5 World-Leading Healthcare Projects Happening in Abu Dhabi Right Now

Healthcare in Abu Dhabi is regarded as excellent across multiple fields. Care here is a match for (or better than) care provided in Western and developed nations across the globe. For this reason, it has become one of the major medical tourism destinations.

The health of Abu Dhabi citizens is overseen by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH). Here is an insight into its current projects and investments that are set to further better the care provided to anyone receiving medical treatments in the nation. The DoH – Abu Dhabi is an ambitious department, supporting high-tech, evidence-based projects that will improve the health of global as well as Abu Dhabi citizens.

Here is the government of Abu Dhabi’s latest news on medicine and healthcare in the region.

1.    The region’s first personalised medicine program for oncology

The DoH – Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with some of the region’s leading healthcare providers, has recently launched MENA’s first precision targeted personalised medicine program to target cancer.

The treatment uses information on both the patient’s genetic makeup and genetic changes in the patient’s cancer to provide the most individualised care currently available in the region. The program combines the very latest research on predictive and personalised medicine to detect, treat and even prevent cancers.

This particular genomics program is set to greatly improve outcomes for breast cancer patients and those that are considered at risk of the disease. This is the most prevalent cancer in the UAE, with over 1,000 new cases now diagnosed each year.

Treatment is taking place at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi with genetic sequencing being run by G42 Healthcare in collaboration with Mubadala Health’s National Reference Laboratory.

The project is part of a wider mission to use artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to drive the growth of evidence-based healthcare here in Abu Dhabi and beyond. The DoH sees Abu Dhabi as a major contributor to global efforts in health research and innovation, both now and in the future.

An ambition of this oncology program is to create the infrastructure necessary to be a global leader in genomics. This will be achieved through the creation of leading models of governance and computational architecture with research led by Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence and NYU Abu Dhabi.

2.    A new cutting-edge children’s rheumatology service

Children with rheumatology problems are now able to receive excellent state-of-the-art care closer to home. Abu Dhabi’s largest paediatric hospital has launched an inpatient and outpatient service as part of end-to-end care for these children.

Paediatric rheumatology is a fast-evolving field. Research is shedding light on a range of diseases that affect muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints amongst children, such as Sjögren syndrome and inflammatory bone disease. Serious rheumatology problems are rare among children. However, they frequently occur as secondary to other conditions. It is important, therefore, that doctors collaborate with other departments.

A large multi-department children’s hospital like Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) is ideally suited to treating children with rheumatology problems alongside management of their other health conditions. Patients can benefit from the latest research in paediatric rheumatology with treatment led by specialist Dr. Kamran Mahmood. Dr. Mahmood is a leading researcher in the field, having led several randomised control trials as well as a tutor for postgraduate medical students.

3.    A new public health initiative aiming to detect chronic disease faster

Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre is aiming for the emirate to be one of the safest, healthiest places to live with a new initiative designed to detect disease much earlier. All Thiqa card holders over the age of 18 are now being offered regular and comprehensive medical examinations. This should prevent a range of chronic and non-communicable diseases or stop them at a stage before they become incurable.

The IFHAS program is believed to be one of the world’s most comprehensive and accessible public health programs. It is available at multiple touch points across the country, including all 46 SEHA clinics and at Mediclinic Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Screening depends on the age and gender of the Abu Dhabi resident. All participants receive a full breakdown of their health status within 10 days of their appointment. This alerts them to health risks for chronic disease and should ultimately play an important role in adopting a healthy lifestyle that reduces these risks further. Global research suggests that early detection of disease or risk of disease can do much to combat the prevalence of chronic and serious disease.

Data from the program will be used to monitor overall public health in Abu Dhabi, feeding into future strategies and initiatives to further improve the health of the country’s residents.

4.    Robotic assisted knee replacement surgeries

Medical robotics is set to bring greater accuracy, faster recovery, reduced pain and, ultimately, better outcomes in surgeries. The UAE’s first robotic knee replacement surgery was recently performed in Abu Dhabi.

The innovative technology, overseen by an experienced surgeon, is able to make incredibly precise incisions which is proven to aid a speedy recovery. Some patients are even able to return home later the same day. Previously, Abu Dhabi residents would have needed to travel overseas for the treatment. However, the operation will now be available through Healthpoint, giving patients access world-leading comprehensive orthopaedic care without the need to leave the UAE.

The procedure is preceded by a CT scan and the creation of a 3D model. This model serves as a prototype and enables the surgeon to see how the new joint will move in situ. A full assessment of placement and size of the implant is made. Surgeons are also able to precisely plan the surgery, minimising the length of time in surgery and discomfort to the patient. This comprehensive planning process is unique to the technology.

5.    Collaborations with leading international research institutions

With the aim of elevating lifesaving treatments worldwide, Abu Dhabi has recently gifted $30 million to the new Children’s National Research and Innovation Campus in Washington DC. The facility has been created to advance treatments and medical solutions for children all over the globe. The DoH – Abu Dhabi and the Children’s National Hospital in the USA have a longstanding relationship. It involves a sharing of expertise and experience for mutual benefit.

In addition, a delegation representing the DoH is to visit the USA in June 2022 to explore multiple wider collaborations in life science, digital health, the medical supply chain, research and development, and more. The aim is to showcase Abu Dhabi’s highly regarded healthcare system and to lay the foundations for mechanisms that will empower medical care in both nations.

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