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AstraZeneca launches GCC innovation hub

Arabian Post Staff

AstraZeneca has launched its GCC Health Innovation Hub, a culmination of digital innovation efforts by the Company to make diagnosis and treatment easier for diabetic patients, in conjunction with UK medtech start-up Gendius, which specialises in remote disease management.

As a result of this partnership, HealthGATE – an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform and app to support diabetic patient care in the GCC – will be launched later this year. The HealthGATE app will work as a gateway between healthcare professionals and patients, enabling collaboration for personalised care and the use of AI for better disease management.

With Intellin, Gendius’ application service, HealthGATE will use AI to actively monitor patients’ diabetes management and uses their clinical history to highlight their risk for developing diabetes-related complications, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, amputation and blindness. Its algorithms analyse users’ health and wellbeing data to provide individually tailored, clinically validated educational content and guidance, to help people with diabetes manage their condition more effectively.

Gendius CEO, Rory Cameron, said: “Diabetes is an increasing health and economic burden across the Gulf region, but effective diabetes management has huge scope for reducing that burden. Our Intellin technology platform is going to sit at the centre of this programme, and we are hugely excited to be bringing our innovative technology directly to GCC healthcare professionals and patients.”

HealthGATE builds on the success of AstraZeneca EduGATE; launched in Saudi Arabia in March 2019, this platform proved to be an instant success with HCPs, with more than 9,500 medical professionals registering within the first few months. EduGATE provides an accessible service to share patient materials, medical guidelines, live streaming events, online accreditations and more, creating an education and enrichment experience for physicians across the country. EduGATE is now expanding to the wider GCC region.

The partnership between AstraZeneca and Gendius in the GCC is part of AstraZeneca’s broader initiative to create integrated science ecosystems through local bio-hubs across the world. The Emerging Market Health Innovation Hubs improve local capacity for R&D to address local needs and reinforce AstraZeneca’s commitment to create and strengthen partnerships across emerging biomedical clusters to accelerate innovation, increase healthcare access and improve outcomes for patients and society.

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