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DIFC firm helps raise capital through Digital Securities

Arabian Post Staff

Dubai International Financial Centre announced that one of its clients is undertaking a ground-breaking capital raising.

Investment banking and wealth management firm GRIP (DIFC) Ltd. will conduct a multi-million dollar capital raise for Lead Real Estate this month, through the innovative issuance of Digital Securities representing Investor Shares.

The issuance is the first major globally compliant digital securities offering in MEASA, marking a key milestone for DIFC and Dubai. GRIP is also on course to establish a private securities marketplace within the Centre – a first for the region.

The issuance cements the DIFC’s position as the leading financial hub in the region, thanks to its robust, yet innovative legal and regulatory framework which helps nurture innovation and adoption of technology.

DIFC’s regulations, laws and structures have enabled GRIP to become the first company in the MEASA region to establish, manage and distribute an international capital raise using Digital Securities as a medium of issuance.

The offering involves a collaborative effort by reputed lawyers, service providers, technology providers and regulated firms from across the world, including UAE, the US, Japan, Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands.

GRIP is leading the capital raise for Lead Real Estate, a Tokyo headquartered residential and commercial developer focused upon the planning, acquisition, renovation and repurposing of real estate assets, with some of their projects being developed to leverage on the opportunities arising out of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Lead Real Estate’s assets are spread across Japan, America, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

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